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Javed Akhtar opposes Kangana Ranaut’s sixth attempt to transfer defamation case to another Magistrate

Akhtar stated in his reply that “apart from the dates when Covid protocols were in force which allowed the parties to not appear in person, there were seven exemption applications filed by Ranaut which had been allowed by Magistrate Khan.”

In all, Ranaut had not been present on 12 dates when the matter was listed.

He added that “her presence was required only for the sole purpose of recording of the plea which is for framing of charge under Code of Criminal Procedure”.

He alleged that Ranaut had been trying to somehow “delay and derail the proceedings” and that it is because of these “delay tactics” that Ranaut’s plea “could not be recorded until date owing to the willful and deliberate absence” of the actor.

Source: Barandbench

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