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Lawyer v. lawyer for New Delhi Lok Sabha seat as BJP’s Bansuri Swaraj and AAP’s Somnath Bharti battle it out

The political expert, however, says the situation might be able to generate sympathy for Kejriwal’s party owing to a sizeable number of AAP supporters in Delhi.

It might generate sympathy because die-hard fans do not buy such kind of an argument so easily unless it’s finally proved,” said Aeijaz, who is also the Vice-Chairman at Centre for Multilevel Federalism in Delhi.

When asked if lawyers make for able lawmakers, the expert believes that people’s representation cannot be viewed from the prism of profession. 

A representative must represent people because they have to think they have to take decisions on people’s behalf, not on law books,” said Aeijaz. He concluded,

Of course, good lawyers and genuine lawyers and professionals and those who can supplement their representation through skills that they have acquired in their profession will always prove better. But there is a flip side, as politicians generally work in their own self-interest and rather misuse their professional skills.”

Source: Barandbench

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