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Lawyers waiting for turn to argue before Delhi High Court contribute to raise college fees of 2 girls in another case

Single-judge Justice Najmi Wazri noted the names of ten lawyers who made immediate contributions to raise an amount of ₹1,02,100 and recorded his appreciation for the Bar’s gesture.

“Gestures, such as these, continue to reassure society about the nobleness of the legal profession and that the generosity of human goodness is only waiting to be tapped,” the Court observed in its order.

The mother of the two girls had moved an application stating that she was facing dire financial circumstances because the respondent-father had not paid them money in terms of the settlement on record and the undertaking given to the High Court earlier.

The mother sought arrangement and/or payment of ₹75,000 as fees for the younger daughter, who is pursuing her BA LL.B and ₹12,400 towards tuition fees of the elder daughter pursuing German language Course.

Their father, engaged in photocopying and book-binding business at a shop at the Tees Hazari Courts, Delhi said that he does not readily have the wherewithal to meet the expenses.

The mother, however, disputed the same contending that the father has the means and his previous conduct was ample proof that he would rather have his daughters drop out from college than extend them any financial support.

“At this stage many lawyers who are logged-in and awaiting their cases, have simultaneously spoken up offering their contributions for the educational expenses of both the girls,” the Court noted.

It noted that the petitioner-mother and her daughters are evidently overwhelmed by the generous outpouring of financial assistance and emotional support by the members of the Bar present in the Court.

“The court records its appreciation that the members of the Bar have responded so robustly to ameliorate the financial difficulties of the two young students and have further assured that the studies shall not be hindered for want of finances.”

The Court was informed that till now sum of ₹1,02,100 has already been contributed by number of lawyers of the Bar.

The Court added that the said monies shall be treated as ‘Bangia Children’s Education Fund’ and shall be expended only towards the education related expenses of the petitioner’s two daughters, so that they can complete their current academic courses.

The matter will be heard again on February 1, 2022.

Advocate Kumar Prashant appeared for the petitioner.

Source: Barandbench

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