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Loss of lives, destruction of religious places in Manipur do not bring secularism in India a good name: Justice KM Joseph

He also urged citizens to act by shedding divisions based on caste and religion and embracing fraternity.

“There is no point in lying in bed saying I will not protest or do anything, let the State do whatever it wants. You mount all sorts of criticism and display complete impotence when it comes to your own actions. What is it that you are contributing? We have to forge unions based on fraternity irrespective of religion or caste. Both are considerations which in this century have outlived their use. The purpose essentially, if at all, is to bring you closer to the supreme being you believe in. Not to get at each other’s throats,” he remarked.

Further talking about riots in India, Justice Joseph mentioned,

“There have been riots for centuries. But post the adoption of the Constitution, it is my belief that under secularism, it is the bounden duty of the state to protect the lives of all its citizens regardless of religion race caste etc.”

Source: Barandbench

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