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Manipur Violence: Supreme Court orders State to ensure dignified burial of unclaimed bodies, collect DNA samples

During the hearing, the Solicitor General (SG) of India Tushar Mehta who was representing the State and Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves representing the Manipur Tribal Forum, had an argument over the place of burial of the dead bodies.

Gonsalves told Mehta to “stop bullying us the tribals”.

“You are the State.. the assailants in this case,” Gonsalves said.

The senior lawyer also submitted that the petitioners wanted to bury the bodies in a mass grave as per Kuki tradition

In response, Mehta said,

“See that is the problem… I am not bullying tribals but I know for whom you are appearing here.”

He added that certain groups were threatening the next of kin who wanted to take their family member’s body.

This court must direct that nobody threatens them and if they do then police will take action,” the SG said.

CJI Chandrachud also seemed to agree with the State and pointed out that Justice Mittal committee had also stated that certain coffins were placed outside the office of district collector.

After the order was pronounced, SG Mehta again had a heated argument with Gonsalves after the Forum’s counsel said,

“Have some shame solicitor.. why are you aggressive with the victims”

My friend should understand that he is not in Jantar mantar… I know what is his problem.. that is the problem,” Mehta said in response.

Source: Barandbench

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