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Niti Manthan & Oxford Pro Bono Publico’s Young Leaders for Legal Literacy Fellowship Programme: Apply by Jan 16

YLCube foundation in collaboration with Niti Manthan and Oxford Pro Bono Publico presents ‘Young leaders for legal literacy fellowship program’, for the purpose of percolating legal aid awareness through on-ground public engagement programs by students pan India.

Niti Manthan & Oxford Pro Bono Publico's Young Leaders for Legal Literacy Fellowship Programme

About the organizations

YLcube foundation is an organisation engaged in percolating legal literacy and legal aid across states and union territories in India.

Niti Manthan is a student run pro-bono platform engaged in socio-legal research and legal literacy activities since 2018. With internship programs, exclusive research projects, field investigation programs and legal discussion groups, Niti Manthan aims to bridge the gap between academia and practice. Since the inception of the organisation, around 10,000 students have engaged with it. International organisations including the International Criminal Court (ICC), Hague, and International Bridges for Justice (IBJ), Geneva have taken cognizance of the works of Niti Manthan.

Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBO) is an organisation based at the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law.  It is dedicated to promoting the principles and practice of public interest law on a pro bono basis and works in close collaboration with the Oxford Human Rights Hub.  Over the past 15 years, OPBP has produced more than 50 projects for around 25 project partners across 12 different jurisdictions.

About the Young Leaders for Legal Literacy [YL3] Fellowship Programme

Through continuous mentorship from the collaborating organisations, the Young Leaders will be trained to become future leaders in the socio-legal sphere.

YL3 Fellowship is a novel initiative with the objective of percolating legal awareness in society. This provides a platform for law students to become Legal leaders to spread legal literacy and truly act as catalysts of change. Students who come from law colleges situated in tier-II cities or townships are encouraged to apply.

In phase 1, the young leaders under the program, supported by Niti Manthan, were able to reach more than 25,000 people all around India and conducted more than 100 outreach programmes in rural and urban areas. Many of our young leaders got recognition from local newspapers and media channels as well. 

Novelty of YL3 Fellowship Program

  • Opportunity to learn the application of laws from a practical perspective.
  • Interaction with students and academicians from International Institutions and Universities.
  • Opportunity to percolate legal literacy at the grassroots levels in India.
  • Inculcates an environment of teamwork to bring about a change in society.
  • Law and Policy students pursuing any year of study (3 year/5 year programmes) who are interested in on-ground engagement with the public to help percolate legal awareness can be part of this initiative and can harness the learning and skills.

Broad Tasks

  • A Young Leader fellow would be required to conduct on-ground public engagement programmes to enhance legal literacy.
  • The period of engagement would be for 3 months (Mid-January- Mid April).
  • Each Young leader has to conduct a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 outreach programmes at the grassroots levels. 
  • Each young leader is expected to conduct as many physical outreach programmes as possible. Due consideration to alternative options will be given in light of the pandemic.

Benefits of Being a Part of the YL3 Program

The young leaders get hands-on experience in sharing knowledge and spreading legal literacy and truly act as catalysts of change by contributing their bit to legally aware India. 

  • Legal literacy programmes largely fall under the ambit of social work. Undertaking such programmes and initiatives contributes to the holistic development of the profile of a student. It may also help during future admission and interview processes.
  • Opportunity to interact with young leaders from other Law colleges who are like-minded passionate individuals who strive for the cause of legal literacy.
  • Students get exposed to on-ground realities of the problems faced by the general public at large which helps them in developing social consciousness and a sensitive approach in understanding the interface between law and society
  • Young leaders can hone their skills of coordination, public speaking, team building, conceptualization and execution which are critical skills needed for any law student.
  • All Young leaders will be presented with a certificate certifying their contribution to the program.
  • Top 5 Legal leaders which would be determined on the culmination of the each phase of the program, based on the parameters of evaluation of each outreach programme, would be felicitated with a cash award as a token of recognition, a letter of recommendation and will be offered opportunities to intern in Delhi.
  • The students who aid the leader in the conduct of such programmes – the Co-leaders (students from legal aid societies, volunteers who help in organizing such programmes who belong to other educational backgrounds, etc.) will also receive a certificate certifying their contribution.

Application Process

  • The students who are interested in applying to be a part of Young leaders for Legal literacy programme (YL3) would have to register at by January 16, 2021
  • The applicants have to attach their CV and an SOP/ Vision Documents (not exceeding 500- 700 words), along with the Themes of their interest. It must contain the details of plans that the student has to promote legal literacy in his/her vicinity.
  • Please note, that in the case of multiple applications from a single institution, your application would be evaluated against other applicants from your institution.
  • Please note that the whole program is pro-bono. The members of YLCube Foundation, Niti Manthan, and Oxford Pro Bono Publico work on a pro-bono basis for the program. Hence, no monetary transactions are involved during the fellowship program. 
  • The Vision document/SOP would not only be a part of the application process but a crucial component of the subsequent evaluation process of the outreach programmes. The plans stated would be evaluated against each outreach programme conducted by the student.
  • Kindly ensure that you have a clear plan of action and please do mention the skills, resources, potential outreach programme locations and any other details you deem necessary as a part of your Vision document/SOP.


Aakriti Kushwaha: 9899367873 (WhatsApp Only)

Harita Ramachandran: 9686455649 (WhatsApp Only)

Or reach at,

The website link is here:

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