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[Prayagraj Demolition] Notice was back-dated, prepared in connivance with admin: Javed Mohammad’s wife to Allahabad High Court

The petition also reveals details of the notice issued by the authorities on June 10. In this notice, it was stated that the authorities had sent Mohammad a notice under Section 27(1) of the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973 on May 10 this year. The date of hearing was fixed on May 24, but no one had appeared, the authorities claimed in the notice. Thereafter, the authorities passed an order to demolish the house on May 25 and the same was purportedly pasted on the house with the expectation that Mohammed would demolish the house himself by June 9.

However, Fatima has contended that neither she nor her husband were not served any such notices.

“That it is relevant to mention that, no notices of 10.05.2022, 25.05.2022 and 10.06.2022 were ever served on the owner of the house, Parveen Fatima. These notices were also not served on Javed Mohammad or any other member of his family…It is submitted that notices dated 10.05.022, 25.05.2022 are manufactured documents,” the petition states.

The June 10 notice, it was claimed, was back-dated and prepared in connivance with the district administration to justify the demolition of the house.

Source: Barandbench

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