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“Privacy violation”: Kerala High Court orders probe into unauthorised access of memory card in actress assault case

Amongst the persons accused in the rape case is Malayalam cine actor Dileep who is alleged to have orchestrated the attack on the survivor to settle some personal scores.

While the trial is underway before the Ernakulam District and Sessions Court, the survivor actress moved the High Court alleging that the memory card which holds visuals of the attack and which was seized as evidence, was accessed, copied, and transmitted without authorisation.

It is submitted in the survivor’s plea that even though the Forensic Science Lab submitted a report confirming the illegal leak, the presiding officer of the trial court has not taken any action or permitted the court staff to be interviewed by the investigating officer.

It was contended that the fundamental right of the petitioner to a fair trial and her right to privacy guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution were violated.

The survivor, therefore, sought the interference of the High Court to ensure a fair and impartial investigation and trial.

Source: Barandbench

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