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[Stray dog menace] Impose fine on citizens feeding them on roads, public places: Bombay High Court

The bench said that if these so called friends of stray dogs are really interested in protection and welfare of the strays, they must adopt the stray dogs, take them home or at least put them up in some good dog shelter homes and bear all the expenses for their registration with municipal authorities and towards their maintenance, health and vaccination.

“They must understand that real charity lies in taking the complete care and not just feeding and then leaving poor creatures to fend for themselves. This is the most basic duty a benevolent must perform if he has real compassion for stray dogs. But the so called friends of stray dogs shy away from performing this basic duty of theirs and the result is of uncontrolled growth in population and nuisance of stray dogs,” the Court said.

The bench, therefore, directed that in general no citizen or resident of Nagpur and areas surrounding it shall feed the stray dogs in public places, gardens etc.

“We further direct that if any person is interested in feeding stray dogs, he shall first adopt the stray dog/bitch, bring it to home, register it with Municipal Authorities or put it in some dogs shelter home and then shower his love and affection on it, may feed it while taking it’s personal care in all respect. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation to impose appropriate penalty for any breach of these directions, which penalty may not be more than of Rs.200/- for every breach,” the bench ordered.

Source: Barandbench

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