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Supreme Court has already dismissed it: Delhi High Court refuses to entertain plea for Uniform Judicial Code

In his plea, Upadhyay stated that he found huge differences while comparing judicial terms, abbreviations, norms, phrases, court fees and case registration processes used in High Courts across the country.

The plea gives examples of different terminologies used by benches of the Bombay High Court and the Rajasthan High Court, stating that the same caused confusion.

He also pointed out the differences in court fees sought for similar matters and of similar valuation in different states, which causes injury to citizens.

“Unequal court fees in different states discriminate among citizens based on their place of birth and residence,” plea adds.

Further, courts are not only adopting different norms and procedures for case registration and using different judicial terms, phrases and abbreviations, but are also taking different court fees, which is against the rule of law and right to justice, the plea asserts.

He, therefore, sought directions to the Law Commission to prepare a report in order to bring uniformity in the judicial system. He further prayed for constitution of an expert committee on the issue and orders to the Law Ministry to “prepare a comprehensive report on Uniform Judicial Code in consultation with the High Courts”.

Source: Barandbench

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