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Supreme Court says Apple cannot be expected to trace stolen iPhone using unique identity number

The Court was hearing an appeal filed by Apple India against a National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) order passed in a complaint filed over a stolen iPhone.

The complainant had bought an iPhone with insurance that included coverage for theft. However, after filing of a criminal complaint once his phone was stolen, Apple allegedly did not pay heed to the same in terms of compensation.

A district consumer court directed Apple to refund the cost of the iPhone, along with costs of ₹45,000.

The same was upheld by the state consumer forum, which noted:

“It is clear that on receipt of complain from complainant, it was the duty of O.P. No. 2 to take proper steps to trace the stolen mobile. O.P. No. 2 failed to take immediate steps even after receipt of relevant documents from complainant. This amounts to deficiency of service on the part O.P. No. 2. It was the responsibility of O.P. No. 2 to trace the stolen iPhone with the help of unique identity number provided by O.P. No. 2 specifically for the purpose of stealing missing and damage caused to iPhone.”

The NCDRC confirmed the said order, leading to the instant appeal.

Source: Barandbench

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