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Supreme Court seeks details on migrants made citizens via Section 6A Citizenship Act, steps to curb illegal migration

1. The number of persons on whom citizenship has been granted under Section 6A(2) of the Citizenship Act, namely those who came between January 1,1966 to March 25, 1971.

2. How many foreigners were detected under orders of the foreigners’ tribunals with reference to the above time period?

3. The estimated inflow of illegal migrants into India including but not confined to Assam.

4. In respect of persons who are alleged to have entered India after March 25, 1971, (a) the total number of foreigners’ tribunals set up by the Central government, (b) the total number of cases disposed of, (c) the number of cases pending as on date, (d) the average time taken for disposal of cases and (e) the number of cases pending before the Guwahati High Court on such issues.

5. The steps taken by the Central government on the administrative level to deal with illegal immigration into the territory of India, particularly North-Eastern States.

Source: Barandbench

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