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The SU LLM was exactly what I wanted: Bhavya Kandala, LLM in Tech, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

So far, the centre has encouraged Indian academics to visit Seattle U for research, run a speakers series, and started a podcast to further build discussion around comparative analysis of U.S. and India jurisprudence.

“The judicial systems of both the U.S. and India are common law systems,” said Prof. Kalantry, “and the U.S. legal institutions have a lot to gain by learning from and studying Indian jurisprudence and institutions.”

 With a host of activities and research being planned, both Bhavya and Prof. Kalantry are looking to build and expand the centre’s work. They also look forward to welcoming Indian law graduates who opt to study at Seattle University School of Law.

 Asked for some final words of advice, Bhavya said, “Set aside the fear of exploring the unknown, step ahead, explore and you’ll be surprised by the opportunities you’ve been blinded to.”

Source: Barandbench

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