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Those memories will never fade: K Parasaran’s tribute to Fali Nariman

We continued crossing swords, so to say, in several other cases including the Bhopal Gas Tragedy case, Mafatlal Industries, Ahmedabad v. Union of India, the Judges Appointment cases, among others, until together we recently received the Vidhi Ratna Award from the Bar Council of India in September 2023. 

In Doypack Systems Pvt. Ltd. v. Union of India, we were appearing against each other.  During the course of my arguments, I indulged in my usual story-telling about a guru teaching a student about mithya (maya), when a tiger appears menacingly. The guru takes to his heels. The perplexed student queries the guru, “If it’s mithya, why are you running away?” to which the guru remarks, “My running is also mithya.”

At this moment, when you rushed into the courtroom, I couldn’t help but remark much to the amusement of the Court that,

“Talk about a tiger and a tiger enters the court hall.”

Source: Barandbench

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