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Virtual Internship Experience at Artificial Intelligence Law Hub: Conducted Unique and Extensive Research

Name of the Student


Name and Address of the Organization

Artificial Intelligence Law Hub (

Duration of Internship

15 July 2021 to 15 September 2021.

How did you Apply?

I applied by sending my CV and Cover Letter at

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

It was an online internship. We were briefed about the work to be given, the submission procedure for the research conducted and the content drafted.

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Main Tasks

As the name of the firm suggests, I was given work primarily related to Artificial Intelligence; however, it is an umbrella term for the several topics I acquired knowledge of, ranging from Information Technology Law, Personal Data Protection Bill, and GDPR to Blockchain, Metaverse and the legalities connected to them.

The work I was assigned during the internship was not confined to research only but also ensured to bring out the innovative and creative side in me by the way of giving tasks which involved making work plans to collaborate with national/international organisations working in AI-related legalities which helped me explore various programs and initiatives run by these organisations.

The work assigned demands a dedication of 8-9 hours every day which does sound a little hectic but if one is dedicated enough and carries an urge to learn, one will come out learning to perform quality work, thereby gaining an enriching experience along with the knowledge. 

Work Environment

Despite the internship being an online one, the staff ensured that the queries of the interns are resolved and the work is allotted in time. I was sent emails on a regular basis without fail. 

Good things

The work assigned was unique and required the intern to research extensively which in turn honed my research skills. Also, the staff was punctual and responsive to the queries regarding the research work. 

Anything else?

Initially, it was difficult for me to complete the tasks in the time since the topics were completely new to me. However, as I progressed with the internship, I understood that if the work is given a considerable amount of time with concentration, it becomes a little less difficult to complete it in time.

Research on various topics cutting across several aspects of Artificial Intelligence helped me do quality work while discovering the diversity of Artificial Intelligence.  

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