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Akshay Anand provides holistic schooling experience via Pratibha Pallavan Public School

India’s schooling system is one of the largest globally, catering to over 250 million students. Its history dates back to the era of the Gurukul system, where gurus were shown honour and given great respect. As of 2018, the number of government schools in India numbered over a million, while privately managed schools were around 4,60,000. 

Pratibha Pallavan Public School, located in Jehanabad, is one of the best education providers in Bihar that envisions providing quality and meaningful education to students.

Since its foundation in 1993 by Dr Abhiram Singh, P. P. Public School has been focused on establishing a centre of excellence to educate the young minds of the country. 

The co-educational school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and is dedicated to delivering high-end class education to the students. P. P.  Public School offers education to students from pre-primary to Class 12 in order to give them a strong academic foundation. 

Focuses on all-round growth of students

It has courses in Commerce and Science and prepares students for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The educational institution also focuses on the all-round growth of its students through various co-curricular activities, including music, dance, arts and sports, among other activities.

The campus of P. P. Public School is spread over an area of about 2.25 acres of land in the heart of Jehanabad. The campus is surrounded by lush greenery, which gives the students a sense of calm in this modern age of concrete jungles. 

On top of that, P. P. Public School is equipped with all the necessary schooling infrastructure and facilities to support the learning journeys of its students. The school building is home to workshops, laboratories, a computer centre, libraries, the school canteen & other facilities. 

All the faculty members of P. P. Public School are exceptionally experienced and take utmost care of the overall performance of the children. They pay attention to the classroom needs of each and every student so that no student ends up feeling left out from his/ her peers. 

Interactive classroom sessions

With the help of a diverse range of teaching methodologies, the school makes sure to produce a rich learning experience for students from all levels and categories. Interactive classroom teaching sessions, stress on constant participation in sports & cultural activities and monitoring students’ responses in the classroom & examinations are some of the ways through which the school aims at producing a meaningful and productive school life for their students.

Talking about the school, Managing cum Education Director of P. P. Public school, Akshay Anand, says, “Indian education system cherishes a dream of developing an inclusive learning system wherein every student will grow and flourish. P. P. Public School is guided by the same vision of making education more engaging, enriching and enthralling. Even during this global pandemic situation, the school is dedicated to reaching out to students with an undiscriminating learning opportunity. Through online classes, parent-teacher meetings and evaluation of feedback from both parents and students, we are constantly improving our teaching processes so that no student lags behind in education because of a virus.”  

As the whole country is cowering under the Covid-19 crisis, P. P. Public School is committed to the continuous upgradation of learning techniques for the betterment of its students. 

The school has long been on the path of creating righteous future citizens of our country and will never deviate from that noble path.      

Source: The Print

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