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Chhattisgarh: Research findings of NIT Raipur’s PhD scholar to be strong arm in treatment of breast cancer

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], May 31 (ANI): The healthcare sector is to witness a herculean change as a PhD Scholar at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Raipur conducted research on the risk assessment of breast cancer, prediction regarding it and the response of patients to chemotherapy.

The research scholar, Priyanka Khanna of NIT, Raipur, developed a model conducive to the prediction of breast cancer (through images, the size of the tumour, a few blood parameters and other factors) and finding out whether the patient is responsive to Chemotherapy or not.

Moreover, the research also proves to be an assistance in the risk assessment of breast cancer and the possible reasons for it.

In a conversation with ANI, the researcher Khanna said, “We have developed a model to predict whether a patient of breast cancer would respond to chemotherapy or not. By studying separate levels, including images, size of the tumour, some blood parameters and others, a prediction regarding response to the chemotherapy could be made.”

She further elaborated on the risk assessment techniques along with predictions regarding the risk of breast cancer and the chances of it happening by making a prototype with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

The research was published in renowned publications. Khanna also stated that she would continue her research on the same so that more and more awareness about breast cancer could be disseminated among women and cancer can be detected in the very first stage itself.

“The objective of selecting this topic for research is to create awareness about breast cancer among women and protect them”, said the research scholar.

Adding further, she said, “As per the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research, the information about the detection of around 20 lakh patients in 2022-23 was received.”

Talking further about the research, she said, “For this research, we have collected the data from Balco cancer hospital here and it was noticed that in the last three years, Chhattisgarh reported over 600 patients of breast cancer. If detected at an early stage, the cancer is purely curable. It has been noticed that breast cancer is more prevalent among women who smoke and take ‘Gudakhu’ (a paste prepared from powdered tobacco and molasses)”.

Khanna further suggested that a woman should not neglect a lump anywhere in the underarm and breast and immediately contact a doctor. She also stated that if cancer is detected in the first stage, it is totally curable.

“Breast cancer is not curable when detected in a late stage. Our first model is to detect first so that many lives can be saved”, said Khanna.

She said that the research has been published and is available online so that any hospital can use this prototype.

Dr Mridu Sahu, Assistant Professor, Information & Technology Department, (NIT Raipur) said, “Our department (Information Technology) has conducted research in this direction and the findings revealed the effect of chemotherapy on patients’ breast cancer”.

The research was done under the guidance of Dr Mridu Sahu. (ANI)

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