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EdSarrthi’s mentorship helps students choose best strategy for UPSC exam

With the growth of ed-tech, a lot of content is created, which is accessible free of cost. Though it has helped those who were earlier deprived from the quality educational content, it has created a new challenge i.e “problem of plenty”.

Problem of plenty means when a student has multiple sources to study from, but
he/she is unable to decide the right source. It also means a situation where students
gather a lot of information, but don’t know how to utilize it in examinations. This
leads to a situation where a candidate spends more than 2-3 years on average in
understanding the demand of the examination.

These problems are addressed by EdSarrthi’s Mentorship Initiative. EdSarrthi segregates students according to their learning levels and provides them cohort-based mentorship where they are guided about the need of the examination. Their content strategy uses the ‘concept of flipped learning’, which focuses on application of knowledge.

Journey so far

Edsarrthi started in September 2020, with the ‘Prelims Mentorship Program’. The success of its first program, where 125 students cleared the 2020 prelims examination, led to the organic growth of the startup. Within 3 months of its operation it acquired 3000 paid customers.

The founder Varun Jain, a graduate of IIT Roorkee who himself appeared for IAS interview twice says “The word of mouth has acted as a preferred mode of marketing for us. Thus, it has helped us in keeping the prices affordable “.

In the second phase they started, with mains mentorship initiative where they introduced live answer writing, prepared templates for possible answers, test series etc . More than 70 students have cleared the mains 2021 examination from EdSarrthi. Presently the startup has 43k student base on its YouTube channel and more than 10k registered students on its platform. It offers a variety of courses for prelims, mains and interview mentorship.

Toppers feedback

Many EdSarrthi’s students have cleared the CSE 2020 exams with flying colours. Some toppers have recognized the unique learning model of EdSarrthi in public domain as well.

Apala Mishra, Rank 9, CSE 2020 exam, cleared the examination in her 3rd attempt. She struggled with the prelims examination in first two attempts. She joined the EdSarrthi’s logical guessing program for prelims and managed to clear the prelims in her 3rd attempt.

Saloni Verma, Rank 70, CSE 2020 Exam joined EdSarrthi’s ‘Mains Mentorship Program’. She said, attending live answer writing sessions and targeted lectures on value addition topics has helped her in scoring good marks in Mains Exam.

Mohit Rawat, Rank 462, CSE 2020 who was also a student of ‘Mains Mentorship Program’ says he prepared introduction and conclusion template provided in program and it was helpful in completing the paper on time.

Subhash Chandra Meena, Rank 737, CSE 2020 was struggling in mains exam in his first 4 attempts, before Joining EdSarrthi. He Says, “Nobody is telling you how to write answers,” but in mentorship sessions the emphasis on “How to Write Answer “ and that has helped him crack the exam in 5th attempt .

Future vision:

EdSarrthi’s Vision is to launch courses which can help students in maneuvering the large ocean of content created by Online education. The focus will also be on keeping competitive exam preparation affordable to all, so that students from small towns of India can have access to the same level of education and thus they can compete on a level playing field.

At Present EdSARRTHI is working on creating a model of – “One student -One Mentor Approach”.

Founder Varun Jain says “The problem of plenty will magnify with the growth of content based Edtech companies. We plan to offer our services in State PCS and other competitive exams in near future “

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