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F16 package from US: Pakistan’s misplaced priorities exposed amid economic turmoil

Islamabad [Pakistan], October 22 (ANI): At a time when the Pakistani economy is faltering and people are hit by diseases and hunger after unprecedented floods, the country in a misplaced priority saga is busy sourcing fighter jet-related packages from the US, media reports.

Pakistan’s disinterest towards pulling back the shattering economy and aiding the flood-affected people and its continuing political bickering is both an irony and a tragedy. When corruption remains unabated Pakistan is still choosing geopolitics over economic management.

Many analysts have expressed their disbelief over the US’ announcement of military aid worth USD 450 million to Pakistan under its Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme for supplying the F-16 upgrade package as all of this comes when the people of Pakistan are reeling under the worst economic crisis and worst floods in the country.

Millions are suffering but it seems like all of this does not concern Pakistan as it was only interested in the enhancement of its military aid programme with the US. It is surprising that a debt-ridden Pakistan, suffering from a massive payment crisis, further exacerbated by devastating floods, is willing to spend such a huge sum on a military modernisation programme, reported Europe Asia Foundation.

Another interesting thing to note is how the F-16 fighter jets will help Pakistan to tackle domestic terrorists. It raises suspicions about Pakistan’s intentions. Is it even true that domestic terrorist activities in Pakistan require such sort of advanced weaponry?

All these questions are only drawing flak because it is actually hard to believe that the F-16s are intended to tackle terrorists. Earlier in 2018, former US President Donald Trump suspended military aid stating that Islamabad had taken no action against terror groups.

Trump also accused Pakistan of ‘lies and deceit’ when it came to the military aid it had received from the US. In November 2018, Trump reiterated that the USD 1.3 billion in aid to Pakistan would remain suspended until Islamabad acts against militant safe havens, reported Europe Asia Foundation.

However, the dynamics are changing in the post-trump era. It is crucial to know how Pakistan will use the aid provided by the US. However, one thing to note is that even with this close relationship between the US and Pakistan, Pakistan has neither learned the meaning of democracy nor development from the US.

Pakistan chose to mistreat its minorities, women and critics while looking after terrorists. (ANI)

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