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How Metaverse brand Tsukimi is uniting the world of daydreamers

The success of the NFT trend has contributed to an art revolution, inspiring a new generation of artists to work in the blockchain industry. However, in such a saturated platform, it takes a lot more than a good idea to emerge at the top; you need to find a way of presenting your work that attracts attention. And today, we are going to talk about one brand that has seen a great deal of traction within the digital space since its inception – Tsukimi.

Tsukimi is a brand for the Metaverse that unites the world of daydreamers. From the minds of Ukiyo Inc, a multi-disciplinary creative house, Tsukimi is a project that unites art, community and the world of metaverse in a way never done before.

Drawing its inspiration from the lo-fi culture, Tsukimi art focuses on nostalgic, melancholic and dreamy elements. From endlessly looping micro animations, to perfectly aesthetic back drops and more – the Tsukimi project speaks to a potential collector in a way that is profound.
With its eyes set on partnering up with lo-fi production houses, labels and artists – the project is not only looking to build a community but aiming to create a movement.

A movement wherein the world of web3.0 is united by a community that shares an everlasting and undying passion. A community that is united by an interest. An interest that shapes the way we look at the world, and how we approach life. It’s a way of life, a way of being.

The art – is not just some art. It’s an expression. A portrait of yourself, in the way that you see the world. An art that embodies peaceful and bittersweet emotions – an art that is expressive in ways that words cannot express.

Aiming to unite the lovers of lo-fi in the digital space that is quickly morphing into web3.0 and metaverse – the project has a lot set out in its vision. From partnership and collabs with streetwear brands. To building out an aesthetic gallery of their own. And to top it all off, building ‘The Loft’ – a way for Tsukimi holders to bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual world. The project has a lot planned out within their roadmap.

For the day dreamers, the overthinkers, the sunset chasers, the stargazers, the lo-fi music lovers – this maybe your art, and your calling within the metaverse and all that is to come with blockchain and web 3.0. This is perhaps, what would best portray you within the digital and the meta-world. A hyper-realistic portrait capturing a sense of calmness, in a nostalgic and melancholic vibe.

With all the craze of NFTs going on now, there are a few projects that truly stand out from the crowd. And it is those that have a genuine chance of building a true community of diehard fans that are fuelled by a burning passion. And Tsukimi just might be one of those few projects, that we may want to keep our eyes on.

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