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Maryam Nawaz claims Pak envoy’s transfer exposes Imran Khan’s ‘threat letter’ drama

Islamabad [Pakistan], April 7 (ANI): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice president Maryam Nawaz has said again dismissed the allegation of conspiracy made by Imran Khan over the purported ‘threat letter’.

Speaking at a press conference, Maryam said the main character behind the ‘threat letter’, former Pakistan ambassador to the US Asad Majid, was transferred to Belgium just a day before Imran Khan came up with the conspiracy allegations.

“The so-called ‘threat letter’ was drafted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Pakistan’s ambassador to the US Asad Majid was abruptly transferred to Brussels a day before Imran Khan waved the letter at a public meeting. Why is this letter not presented before the Supreme Court and the nation? In fact, there is no such [threat] letter,” Nawaz said on Tuesday.

This comes as media reports said two aides of Imran Khan debriefed Pakistan’s outgoing envoy after he sent a cable detailing his meeting with senior American diplomat Donald Lu.

One minister and one advisor each were assigned the task to extract further information, The News International reported, citing a source privy to the affairs. Both of them are lawyers by way of professional background, the report added.

Imran Khan has been referring to the Opposition’s move to bring a no-confidence motion against his government, as a ‘foreign conspiracy’, particularly naming the US in his address on the eve of the vote on the no-confidence motion.

Khan claims that a ‘threat letter’ was sent by the US to the Pakistan government, calling for his ouster.

The majority of Pakistani citizens do not believe that the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan is a foreign conspiracy, according to a survey.

A Gallup Pakistan survey has found that 64 per cent of Pakistanis reject the government’s narrative of a US conspiracy behind the opposition’s no-trust move and feel that the government’s failure to redress inflation is the main trigger for it, News International reported.

Meanwhile, opposition parties seem to be getting impatient with the Pakistan Supreme Court hearing of a case dealing with the current political situation.

Opposition leaders on Tuesday a number of statements, press conferences and tweets. The leaders have urged the country’s apex court to decide the case at the earliest, the Dawn newspaper reported. (ANI)

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