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No time for ghazals if you’re with Amit Shah & why Anurag Thakur didn’t stay for long in Dubai

BJP president J.P. Nadda has created a new record by successfully inviting Prime Minister of Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba, who was on an official tour to India, to the party headquarters. This was the very first instance of a Prime Minister of any other country making a visit to a political party’s headquarters in India. Nadda is learnt to have told Deuba how during his student life, he had made several tours to Nepal on bi-cycle and that soon, he would make another such tour to the neighbouring country. In his student days, Nadda was in Bihar and the state shares its border with Nepal.

No takers for two-child law

For the last three years now, BJP’s Rajya Sabha member Rakesh Kumar Sinha has been battling for legal status to the ‘two-child policy’. The MP, who has raised the issue at various platforms, was hoping to get the backing from RSS, the BJP and the central government. Three years ago, Sinha had introduced a Private Member Bill in this regard. On Friday, he once again raised the issue, but the Union Health Minister responded saying that raising awareness on the issue of population control was a better option. With a heavy heart, Sinha rescinded the Bill. Where would you go now, MP?

Amit Shah around, no time for ghazals

BJP national secretary Arun Singh had downloaded ghazals for his Karnataka tour but a busy schedule didn’t leave him with much leisure time. Singh, who was accompanied by home minister Amit Shah, had to attend back-to-back meetings in the state. When Shah got to know of his co-traveller’s ‘pain’, he teased Singh, asking him to forward his most favorite ghazal.

BJP’s textbook answer to the President question

Who will be the next President and Vice-President? Given how things function under the Modi government’s rule, it is not just difficult but impossible to make a guesswork around this. Despite this, BJP leaders are being quizzed by people from their own party, media persons and members of the opposition who all want to know more. To pacify all such queries, the BJP Media Cell has crafted this ‘perfect answer’ — ‘Anyone who is the citizen of India, has attained the minimum age limit of 35 years and is not declared bankrupt  qualifies to contest for the post of President and Vice-President.’ A perfect reply, going by the rulebooks. Now, no one can say the BJP has assumed silence on the issue.

A short trip to Dubai

Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur, was on a trip to Dubai, recently. Thakur visited the Indian Pavilion at Dubai Expo. Film star Ranveer Singh was also there and he shared the platform with the minister. While the event was much publicised, it is learnt, the minister wasn’t enthused about the visit. As the assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh near, Thakur is more inclined on spending time in his home state. In the past, ministers used to make frequent trips abroad. PM Modi, apparently, does not like his ministers taking such tours. But because Dubai has become important for India and both UAE and Dubai like Modi—the PM was personally invited for this event—Anurag’s trip had a clearance from the PMO. So, Thakur took the trip but kept it brief, missing out on shopping or sightseeing.

You are in queue: BJP’s to new UP entrants

Despite all speculation, Mulayam Singh’s daughter-in-law Aparna Yadav could not find a place in the Yogi cabinet. Raebareli MLA Aditi Singh, daughter of influential Congress leader Akhilesh Singh, met the same fate. Singh had left the Congress to join the BJP, which managed to breach ‘fort’ Raebareli for the first time. But the strategy of the world’s largest political party, that refused to induct either of these two women in the UP cabinet, is a bit different. The message is loud and clear – you might have crossed over to the BJP from Congress or SP but that does not guarantee instant rewards; you will have to wait and prove your credibility in your ‘new family’.

Bharat Agrawal is Executive Director, Dainik Bhaskar Group, and a columnist.

By special arrangement with Dainik Bhaskar and translated from the original in Hindi.

Source: The Print

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