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Omicron may edge out other Covid variants, live on as common cold, says Harvard professor

Omicron could replace other Covid variants, survive as common cold: Harvard immunologist Pillai

Harvard Medical School professor Dr Shiv Pillai says India’s third wave likely to subside by March, and suggests that the country’s response to the pandemic was a mixed bag, reports Abantika Ghosh.

What conflict? India’s imports from China soar to almost $100 bn, led by smartphones, machinery

According to China’s official data, its exports to India reached $97.52 billion in 2021, while total two-way bilateral trade touched $125.66 billion, reports Nayanima Basu.

Kerala’s sexual fantasies see a lot of couple ‘swapping’. But one case shows what it really is

Couples interested in ‘swap’ just turn to Messenger, Telegram, and Twitter DMs to find sexual partners. But in Kerala, it has reached a whole new level, reports Vandana Menon.

Stay away from detox ‘scams’. No single food or drink can be your medical miracle

The belief that you can cleanse your body after a party, festival, or binge-eating weekend is a myth in medical science. Detox therapies are a scam, writes Subhasree Ray.

I hugged India, ignored US in security policy, but that’s theatrics: Pakistani Gen Twitter

In reality, US President Joe Biden remains my friend because I am the only person in Pakistan he talks to over the phone. While the doctrine of bleeding India by a 1000 cuts will continue after a short break of 100 years, writes General Twitter, of Pakistan’s new National Security Policy.

Dominant castes can’t digest Dalit progress. It’s why they attack reservation with propaganda

According to a paper published by Brandeis University, challenges to reservation best represent the attack on the Dalit revolution, writes Anurag Bhaskar.

Let them eat communalism: Yogi’s poll pitch may work but heartland’s jobless fury endangers India

While UP’s unemployed are angry, Yogi’s call for a choice between Jinnah and Sardar Patel, more than seven decades after they both died, is the new ‘let them eat cake’, writes Shekhar Gupta, in this week’s ‘National Interest’.

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