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SubscriberWrites: A poem on karma and the choices women have to make to survive

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Ledger of Karma

Every night she walks up the bridge

Up and down

Now that she has withered

Young men don’t solicit her anymore.

She has finally shut the door to her body

But that brings her little relief

Her soul forever bruised, is too hard to heal.

Her nights are free

The streets that were once insidious

Look vaguely mysterious now.

At midnight she sees men buying flowers for their wives

The very same men who once drowned her in their sighs.

She is a stripper, a prostitute, a fille de joie

Her life is the nightmare no one wishes to live.

Caressed by all

Loved by none,

She is pleasure

And lust

And guilt

And money

And sin

She is a transaction

The tag of an ‘easy woman’

And a heap of insults

Sit like a boil on her skin.

Born into poverty

Actually meant to be an angel

She was a regular girl

With regular dreams

The same as any girl has

To grow up as a princess

And find a Prince.

But no, she fell from grace

Her first job was to appeal to male gaze.

It was a job, that’s all

But one that left her completely mauled

Snatched her crown

Broke her wings

Now that her youth has deserted her

She has even forgotten what it is to dream

Apart from one little wish…..

She wants to visit the city of Banaras

The quaint place on the banks of the holy river

The city known for its fine warp and woof of silk thread

Also known as the repository of the complex threads of our fates and fortunes,

She wants to check her Ledger of Karma,

She is somehow sure that one wrong entry there

Ruined everything for her

On this terra-firma.

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