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SubscriberWrites: ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ is laudable but it would damage flag’s dignity than evoke patriotism

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The government of India has decided to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Independence with the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign by allowing every citizen to hoist the national flag at their homes, post selfies online and keep flags as DP images on their social media accounts. It has tweaked the existing Flag Code to this effect.

While it is laudable to give every household an opportunity to hoist the flag, the decision appears to do more damage to the dignity and decorum of the flag than evoking patriotism among the residents of our country.

The Flag Code of India comprises three parts – the size, colour and pattern of the flag (Part 1), hoisting/display/use of national flag by public, private organisations and educational institutions, etc (Part 2), hoisting/display/use of national flag by the central and state governments, their organisations and agencies (Part 3). Each part has a number of sections and sub-sections.

Far from knowing the Flag Code of India, how many of us (including the lawmakers) even know the difference between the national anthem and national song and how many can recite them in full? How many of us even know the name of the designer of the national flag?

All these 75 years, the respect, dignity and the glory of the flag was preserved by authorising a few select organisations to hoist the flag and celebrate the event by following the strict protocol associated with it.

Now, with the floodgates opened, and the general public allowed to hoist the flags on their respective homes, with an option to post online selfies, the occasion is going to be a big “Tamasha” for everyone to showcase their selfie taking ability rather than showing their true love for the country.

The flag hoisting is going to be a national embarrassment for the country with flags hoisted and displayed in various sizes, positions and places. It won’t be a surprise even if some flags are hoisted half-mast without knowing its implication. It is going to be a mockery of the solemn occasion.

Patriotism is an inbuilt character which doesn’t need to be proved or displayed to the world by display of flags on top of every home, posting selfies or keeping DPs of flags. The world can take notice of the same without any attempt of publicity. There is no need to create a Guinness record for hoisting of national flags by the largest number of people in a country. Such attempts will demean the dignity of the national flag and the occasion.

We have taken good care of our Mother India all these 74 years by maintaining proper dignity and decorum of the flag. Is it fair to insult her modesty on her 75th birthday by allowing everyone to take a swipe at her dignity and belittle the occasion by posting selfies online?

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