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The World’s 1st Lauric enhanced Coconut shots and bites for health and wellness were developed by Top Scientists and launched in India

New Delhi [India], June 21 (ANI/PNN): Coconuts are not a new item in a human’s food cycle. Have you ever wondered what makes coconut so good? Well, the element “lauric” in it makes it a superfood. This Lauric present in coconuts has the same compound structure as the lauric present in mother’s milk! As kids are born, the very first form of food they are introduced to is mother’s milk, which contains lauric, which helps develop antibodies and also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. Lauric Shots from Lauriko Private Limited have their main ingredient, which is Lauric, that’s derived from coconuts, which we all know helps anyone that consumes it in areas such as skin, hair, sleep and focus problems in the most natural and 100 per cent safe way.

“Our aim while working for two years on the formulation of our product was to make the perfect product which is not only safe for consumption but also highly effective.” We wanted to provide a healthier option for consumers to choose from while maximising absorption of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins for a healthier body and mind. In comparison, using chemically synthesised drugs to deliver the same nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a pill affects your body in the long run, damaging the standard body functioning bit by bit; it also affects how the body absorbs the essentials from the food we take, “says Lavanya Sunkari.”

Laurik launched its products in April 2022 and noticed tremendous growth in terms of traction.

“We developed Lauric Shots after 24 months of extensive research and testing by top scientists and, whilst doing so, held top certifications worldwide.” “Laurik is a Clean Label Brand, having passed 400+ stringent tests to locate any heavy metals, chemicals, or pesticides, only to find none.” So says Lavanya Sunkari.

In recent standing, Lauriko Pvt Ltd was awarded the Nutraceutical Brand of the Year Award by India Nutrition, alongside brands like Unilever and Danone. Adding laurels and feathers to their hats as they go!

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