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7 Types of Social Media Content that Will Surely Increase the Leads

Experiencing creative blocks? Don’t have new ideas to curate content?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Running out of ideas for social media is one of the most common problems faced by marketers. So, what is the solution?

Maybe you could explore our list of stellar content types that are part of the top content marketing trends for 2022 to get you the engagement and leads you have been planning all this while and track their performance with social media monitoring tools.

Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

1. User Generated Content

It’s no news that marketing has never been as consumer-centric as it is now. And businesses are making continuous efforts to connect, interact and engage with their target audience.

And while some brands are engrossed in making extensive content marketing strategies, smart marketers are making the best use of the plethora of user-generated content and are winning at the marketing game.

And, 93% of marketers agree that consumers trust content created by customers more than content created by brands. (State of UGC 2021 Report)

User-generated content refers to empowering your customers to be vocal about your brand and do word-of-mouth publicity which ultimately yields better engagement.

To better understand, here’s an example of Google leveraging the experience Laverne Cox had with their #watchwithme Google TV.

Watch With Me on Google TV: Laverne Cox's watchlist

Watch With Me on Google TV: Laverne Cox’s watchlist – Image source Instagram

2. Videos

The supremacy of video content on social media needs no explanation. Video content has been a fantastic way to hook your audience and grow your online reach. And it has certainly been a key to marketing success for numerous brands.

With online videos garnering more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022, brands must make the most of their video content to capture, satisfy and engage with captive, content-hungry audiences.

To learn how video content can do wonders, here’s a recent video that Nike curated depicting how beautifully the world can entirely transform overnight if we imagine.

What if a woman ran a marathod on Mars? - Nike

What if a woman ran a marathod on Mars? – Nike – Image source Instagram

3. LIVE Streams

LIVE streams have efficiently found their legs in the new era of marketing, paving the way for stronger relationships with target audiences. Even better, there are a ton of streaming software platforms to choose from that’ll make creating content very simple.

LIVE Streams initially aims to put a human face behind the brand, allowing people to connect in a way they haven’t been able to. Be it streaming of interviews with keynote speakers, behind-the-scenes, product launches, events, or a simple Q&A session – Live streaming is a great way to share with your audience how you’re finding success for
your clients as well as your own business – ultimately yielding leads and brand engagement.

For instance, Nike recently had a LIVE interaction with Former First Lady Michelle Obama discussing the importance of voting. Now, although this video was nothing about Nike as a brand, it successfully gained traction and increased online reach.

When we all vote - Nike

When we all vote – Nike – Image source Instagram

4. Case Study & Testimonials

There’s nothing better than sharing details of your processes and customers’ positive experiences because people trust people. According to Wyzowl, 90% of users admit that they trust what a customer says about a business more than what that business says about itself.

Sharing Testimonials and Case studies on Social Media is an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing social proof that your brand and its offerings are valuable.

This amazing video by Zendesk is the perfect example of how customer experience can be smartly used for online reach and brand engagement.

When customer service catastrophe strikes

When customer service catastrophe strikes – Image source Instagram

5. Ebooks

As per Statista, Revenue in the eBooks segment is projected to reach US$15,776 million in 2021, and the number of readers is expected to amount to 1,162.7 million users by 2025.

Ebooks have emerged as an incredibly popular online marketing tactic to attract leads for your brand.

Sharing or marketing an ebook on social media can prove to be the perfect opportunity for your brand to share the knowledge you have in your industry that people can benefit from.

Kickstart your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Kickstart your Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Image source LinkedIn

6. Interactive Content

The primary marketing goal for any brand is to engage their audience and continue to keep them interested. But how does that happen?

This continuous engagement is developed by interacting with your audience and differentiating your brand from the other competitors by syndicating interactive content.

Interactive social media content intends to deliver higher engagement rates than standard static social posts. By interactive content, we mean content that requires visitor’s active engagement, like:


Social quizzes are the hidden gem of social media engagement.

This particular type of content on social media offers marketers and brands fun opportunities to engage with followers.

Quizzes usually consist of a handful of questions that require a customized answer from the visitors. When the results of these fun quizzes are shared on social media, they act as a potential lead magnet to your content, thus increasing your online reach. The quiz can also play the role of an educational lead magnet – for example, this quiz for customer service managers can help them evaluate the pulse of their organization or department.

Surveys and Polls

Polls are one of the best interactive content types that businesses can utilize to reach a greater share of the target audience online. Typically used to facilitate feedback or user data, Polls are the most cost-effective ways to boost engagement, helping uncover insights about audience preferences and mindset.

Interactive Infographics

Including infographics in your content strategy is one of the smartest moves towards brand engagement on social media. Infographics are the best way to solicit information, narrate a story, or offer bits and pieces of data and analytics. Embedding eye-catching images, animated pop-ups, Q&As can pave the way for your target audience to interact with your content.


Quotes are the most shared content piece on social media. Strategic yet creative use of quotes in your marketing strategy can help you showcase how efficiently your content influences and inspires your audience.

Sharing relevant quotes on your social media handles can help boost your brand’s engagement. Such content gains the most traction and encourages your audience to share your content, thus increasing your brand’s online reach.


In the last few years, memes have gained a lot of popularity. Primarily emerged as a fun way of engagement, meme content today has become an important aspect of marketers’ strategies to stand out from the clutter of competitors.

Multiple brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., among others, launched great conversations using meme marketing. The major reason for meme success is its viral behavior. The more shareable and relatable the meme is, the more viral it can become.

Brands that include memes in their content strategy are believed to have a greater understanding of their audience and their content preferences.


GIFs have become a powerful marketing tool. Social Media posts that contain GIFs can increase engagement and conversion rates as these easy-to-consume, 8-bit images with motion intend to deliver a stronger emotional impact on their audience.

Renowned brands like Starbucks and Samsung have been wisely using GIFs to connect with their audience.

GIFs work best when a brand wants to showcase its out-of-the-box personality and creativity in marketing. In addition, GIFs can also be used to show off a particular detail of your product or service and entice your buyer to connect with you.

Star drinks gets summer rolling

Star drinks gets summer rolling – Image source Instagram

7. Influencer Collaboration

Collaborating with influencers to increase a company’s ROI and brand reach is no longer a new phenomenon; rather it has become a regular practice to gain traction.

Influencer marketing across all industries is booming. Do you know why? Because content from influencers is trusted more by consumers. 92% of marketers believe in the success rates of influencer marketing.

For example, Daniel Wellington, a renowned name for watches, doesn’t invest in traditional marketing rather relies on collaborating with fashion and travel influencers.

Love with iconic link ceramic

Love with iconic link ceramic – Image source Instagram

Start Building Your Social Media Presence Today!

Content is the king, and social media is the ultimate platform for content. And it’s no news that both aren’t going anywhere, rather they are all set to notch up the standards across all industries.

With the increasing competition and decreasing attention spans of consumers, it has become even more important to plan content strategies that are conversion-oriented and stick to a social media posting schedule for better promotion. Because if your content is not reciprocating into engagement, you are doing something wrong.

So, if you are planning to set up your business for online success, start experimenting with the above-discussed types of content and see how your social media engagement starts crawling up on the analytics report.

Source: WittySparks

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