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What is chatbot marketing 2022: Definition, best ways, tips, tricks, and much more

Marketing in current times has reached new pinnacles. With Brands leveraging every opportunity they can to reach out to potential customers, the marketing game is getting tough every day. That’s why Digital Marketing agencies utilize multiple marketing trends at their disposal for Digital Marketing.

Chatbot marketing is one such tool that has been gaining popularity recently. A lot of organizations are adding Chatbot marketing to their Digital Marketing strategies. So for you as a business owner or a Digital Marketer, you must have a good idea about the whole process.

In a detailed guide to Chatbot marketing, I have answered questions like What is Chatbot Marketing, the benefits of Chatbot marketing, & how to do Chatbot marketing.

So let’s get started with the basics first.

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What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated software or tool designed to answer certain questions posed by a user. As hiring a 24×7 active Customer Support executive might not be cost-effective, Chatbot can be of great help.

Chatbots can either be AI-powered, just like Siri or answer some pre-defined questions based on specific responses & built-out conversation tree. These conversations trees are designed to cover every possible response from the user, ensuring the user gets all the answers.

The best example of a full-fledged Chatbot is Siri, Alexa, or Google.

Now let’s get to the core subject of our blog.

What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbot Marketing is a process of utilizing the power of Chatbots for marketing. One of the most popular platforms that utilize Chatbot marketing is Facebook. In fact, Chatbots gained popularity only after Facebook allowed the integration of chatbots with its messenger.

E.g., imagine a popular brand having a Facebook page with over a million likes. Now, do you think a Brand can reply to each & every message? Not exactly & this can be devasting for a Brand.

But that’s where Chatbot marketing can change the game. With efficient Chatbot Marketing, brands can automate basic to advanced responses, keeping the users engaged. Chatbots ensure not a single question by a user goes unanswered, establishing a strong relationship.

How can you utilize Chatbots for Marketing?

Bots can prove an invaluable asset for any brand if deployed effectively. Here is the list of some primary Chatbot Marketing strategies that you can use.

For Sales

Chatbots can do magic when it comes to sales. You can create a strategic Sales Funnel using a structured Chatbot. This Chatbot can help you arrange an appointment with your potential customer, or they can even take orders directly online!

With a powerful chatbot at your disposal, your users can directly place orders without picking up a phone to call.

For Lead generation

Chatbots have proven their worth as an efficient lead-generating tool. Once a potential customer connects you via Chatbot, you can constantly offer helpful tips & suggestions along with offers. This is the best way to generate leads without putting much effort, making chatbots a critical lead generation tool.

For Customer Support

This is probably one of the most widespread utilization of Chatbots. As a Brand, if you are receiving many support requests, Chatbots can be of great assistance. You can narrow down their needs & direct them to the right customer support executive.

For FAQs

When your business grows, many customers will come to you with any questions. Instead of answering each & every question individually, setting up a chatbot can be of great help. With Chatbots, you can set certain FAQs & save a lot of time answering questions.

For Shopping

Facebook has integrated chatbots so that your customers can directly place orders from Facebook Messenger itself. Depending on your brand’s tone, you can customize that Chatbot & offer a unique shopping experience.

How to get started with Chatbots?

what is chatbot marketing

what is chatbot marketing

What is chatbot marketing?

If you are wondering how to get started with Chatbots, here is the guide for you.

  • Set goal: Chatbots have a load of applications, so your primary task will be to set a specific goal. Analyze the exact issue you want to address, e.g., Market a product, sell more, resolve queries, or direct marketing.
  • Select the right platform: The structure of Chatbot will differ based on where you will be setting up your Chatbot. You can use it anywhere, like Website, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter Direct Message. As every platform has different demography. Hence you will need to target the platform where most of your potential customers are located.
  • Create Content: Once the goal & platforms are set, it’s time to create highly engaging content. Content for sales, customer services, or marketing will be different. So make sure your content matches your goals.
  • Launch your Chatbot: Once your content is ready, it’s time to launch your customer chatbot. Once it’s launched, keep optimizing it for better performance & offer an excellent unique user experience.

What are the benefits of using Chatbot for Marketing?

what is chatbot marketing

what is chatbot marketing

benefits of using chatbox for marketing

Now, if you are wondering why you should use Chatbot for Marketing, here is the list of some primary benefits of using chatbot marketing:

  • Saves Resources: With chatbots, you won’t have to spend your precious resources hiring full-time employees. Moreover, you can free up your existing employees from performing redundant & time-consuming tasks with chatbots.
  • Helps in Lead Generation: Chatbots are excellent lead generation tools that can boost your lead generation capacity by more than 140%. You can automate initial conversations with your website visitors, improving your lead generation capacity.
  • Offer 24×7 support: Offering 24×7 support is vital for establishing a great Brand. But doing so with a dedicated workforce can prove a lot costly. But with a structured Chatbot, your customers can access all the information they need.
  • It makes shopping easy for your customers: Chatbots can offer a great opportunity to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to your customers. They can buy your products & services without wasting much time & putting in many efforts.

Final thoughts

Chatbots are an excellent way to connect & engage with your customers. That’s the reason why a large number of organizations are focusing a lot on Chatbot for sales & marketing.

But let me be very clear, setting up a chatbot is a demanding task. You’ll need a dedicated setup to create a chatbot that will fulfil your specific needs. Or the better option is to choose an agency that can help you set up an effective chatbot.

I hope this detailed guide on Chatbot marketing will help you answer all your questions. Chatbots are the future & I hope you will be able to leverage them for better growth.


Can I use Chatbot for marketing?

Yes, Chatbots are a great way to advertise your products & services.

Will Chatbot help improve my lead generation process?

Of course, having an efficient Chatbot will ensure you generate many strong leads for your Business.

Can I create my Chatbot?

Yes, you can, but hiring professionals to get the job done for better results is better.

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