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5 reasons why Club Mahindra Resorts were preferred even during peak pandemic times

The pandemic derailed our routine. In fact, it lingered long enough to have most of us stay indoors and practice social distancing through birthdays, family gatherings, and festivities. Still, the spirit of wanderlust stayed kindled the world over.

The classic show of this wanderlust was witnessed at Club Mahindra Resorts. Despite the dent in the overall number of travellers during the peak pandemic time, the resort has been hosting guests steadily. The brand’s proven values of responsible hospitality, made possible by taking personal precautions, elevating hygiene, and following authority guidelines demonstrated their commitment to providing their members a memorable holiday, no matter when. They accomplished this by leading with initiatives like:

Contactless Check-In and Check-out

1. Thermal Screening on Arrival
Club Mahindra opted for a contactless thermal screening over a traditional one. It made
sense as being a non-invasive and radiation-free method, the device is also more
efficient and reliable.

2. Mobile-based Check-in and billing
On the resort’s own app, the guests could upload their IDs for e-check in. No need to
carry and hand over printouts. And while checking out, they are forwarded an e-bill. The
payment could be done via various digital channels. This not only reduced the amount of
physical contact needed but also helped in increasing sustainable initiatives by going

Sanitized lodging area and articles

3. UV-sanitized room keys
Each time at the handing over of the keys UV sanitizers were used. It’s a device
that transmits direct UV radiation to eliminate germs and viruses on the surface of the
object put through. Thus, the resort ensured to make keys safe to use by all.

4. Hospital-grade Disinfection of Rooms
In addition to regular cleaning, hospital-grade disinfectants were deployed by expert
cleaners to sanitize the high-touch area surfaces.

The methods and equipment used for it, kill germs and sterilize surfaces where
microbes thrive, ensuring a safe and healthy environment to spend your holiday at.

5. Hand sanitizers at different points within the resorts
The CDC-approved hand sanitizers were strategically placed across the resorts to be
used whenever a guest needs them. Putting it in easy visibility also prompts guests to
use it more frequently.

The above steps ensured the guests to keep up with safety and hygiene requirements
for a hassle-free stay. Arpita Ahuja, who has been a regular at Club Mahindra Resorts,
went to the company’s Udaipur Resort for a family getaway. Right from check-in to
check-out, she was impressed and ensured of the tech-enabled contactless precautions
adopted by the resort staff. She especially lauded the mobile-based ordering of food
while dining in their restaurants.

For Zahra Jani, finding the resort with the highest safety standard was a concern. On
finding Club Mahindra Resorts to be certified by Bureau Veritas for its safety protocol,
she booked the Saj, Mahabaleshwar Resort and it was worth it.

Pandemic did put restrictions on how one could travel. But with the right tools and
techniques, Club Mahindra Resorts were quick to adopt the precautions of the new
normal for both its guests and staff. Even now with the pandemic phasing out, the resort
still maintains its high standards of hygiene and safety making it a preferred destination
for everyone’s wanderlust! You can book a safe and memorable holiday too, check out
the Club Mahindra website to learn about the benefits and privileges of subscribing to
the membership.

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