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Cloud Automation Engineer 

Cloud automation is an enactment of using the available specialized software tools and methodologies to automate the manual labour tasks associated with managing and operating cloud-based IT infrastructure. In short, Cloud Automation is the process of developing and delivering automation assets. 

Enabling businesses to make flawless use of their cloud resources, the cloud automation software tools can be customized to automatically control the installation, configuration and management of cloud computing systems. 

As an industry or an organization rely broadly on the cloud for critical applications and services, cloud automation works as a time saviour. Initially, it used to take tremendous effort to deploy and operate workload in the cloud making the process exhaustive and time-consuming. 

  • Who is a Cloud Automation Engineer? 
  • Skills Required as a Cloud Automation Engineer 
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Automation Engineer 
  • Salary of a Cloud Automation Engineer: Trends in India and US 

Who is a Cloud Automation Engineer? 

A person who is involved in developing and delivering the automation assets to make the process efficient is known as Cloud Automation Engineer. The major task of the cloud automation engineer is to work closely with the development team to effectively deliver the automation content and accomplish the requirements of the

organization. He acts as the senior software developer or engineer who is specialized in cloud automation, orchestration and integration. 


1. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, engineering or in the equivalent domain. 

2. Comprehensive knowledge of the cloud and its architecture. 3. An overview of multiple tools and technologies used specifically in the cloud. 

4. Dexterous with Oses, database, security, authentication, web servers etc. 

5. Should possess a command of a programming language as well as on Azure, Google Cloud, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes. 6. Assortment of hardware and software knowledge. 

Skills Required as a Cloud Automation Engineer 

The skills set you required to ensnare a prestigious job for yourself as a cloud automation engineer are mentioned below: 

1. The candidate is expected to be proficient in a wide range of platforms and tools. 

2. The major exception of the employers from the candidate will be regarding the efficiency of the candidates working on the numerous cloud platforms available. 

3. Technical skill: The candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of HTML, programming languages and computing fundamentals. 4. Financial skills: Candidates should be aware of business-related terminologies like ROI and possess a knowledge of online marketing strategies.

5. Data Analysis: Candidates should have expertise in data mining and handling ERP systems efficiently. 

6. Project Management skills: Candidates should have

experience in dealing with risk analytics, service and management. 

7. Security skills: Candidates should have a working knowledge of concepts related to network security. Network security includes encryption, authorization and protocols. 

8. Proficiency in a programming language is a must to scale web applications. Not only Python and Ruby, but the cloud engineer should also have an in-depth knowledge of programming languages like PHP, Java, NET which is essential and instrumental in unlocking the capabilities of the cloud. The fact that cloud programming skills have opened new dimensions for the current market condition can’t be ignored. 

9. Linux: It is one of the best open-source operating systems that can be customized to meet business needs. The software has gained popularity in the last few years because it has made the process of sharing the results easier without hassling for permission. Companies are switching to Linux to build their technologies. Linux is the one behind numerous web pages and applications that are being used today. 

10. Database skill: Data is like oxygen to the industries in the modern world. Data has changed the business strategies, mindset, and perspective of the organizations. Collecting and organizing the data are both equally important in the current scenario. The cloud provides a commodious and cost-friendly solution for storing, managing and accessing data. Cloud storage enables the storage of vast volumes of data along with on-demand access reduces the dependency on computers hard drives. Learning languages like MySQL and Hadoop can be

useful for cloud database management from the perspective of becoming an expert cloud automation engineer. 

11. Cloud Service Provider: To survive and flourish in the cloud domains it’s important to understand the offering of cloud service providers. Learn the basics and work on the skills like computing, storage, database management etc. Usually, the service providers, in the beginning, provide free usage which is enough for one to get started. 

12. Soft Skill: It is one of the most promising and in-demand skills if you want to grow in any organization or sector. Your communication skills and how well you collaborate with your team members can help you in looking forward to an astonishing career. 

13. Flexibility and experience with infrastructure automation tools are also key skills for a cloud automation engineer. 

To become an expert Cloud Automation Engineer you need to polish all these skills and make sure you are updated with all the new technologies. A few years of experience can help you to grab a decent package in a reputed company. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Automation Engineer 

If you are working in an organization then you will be assigned with few responsibilities and the employers will expect you to complete the tasks before the deadline. It’s important to make sure what will be your role in an organization before joining it. You should be mentally ready for the roles and responsibilities that are going to be assigned to you inside the organization. 

Mentioned below are a few major roles and responsibilities you will be assigned as a cloud automation engineer :

1. To participate in the designing of service automation in the cloud towards infrastructure -as code. 

2. Will be leading on orchestration in the cloud using infrastructure-as-code and providing self-service capabilities to the IT team. 

3. To work with a team collaboratively as well as proficient enough to work efficiently on individual tasks. 

4. To work closely with the third party ( Amazon, Microsoft etc) while resolving the issues. 

5. To choose the right tool, methods, application to make the workflow smooth and less time-consuming. 

6. Executing the process engineering and operational improvement for automating tools focusing on the cloud. 

7. Work as an active driver for continuous integration and continuous delivery applications. 

8. Providing documentation to assist the sustaining projects during the transition to the production process. 

9. Improve cost-effectiveness in the cloud and design new systems to address the existing IT challenges. 

10. Automate infrastructure in AWS ( Amazon Web Services) with the help of Terraform and Ansible.

The roles and responsibilities of a cloud automation engineer can vary from company to company depending upon their requirements. These are a few major roles and responsibilities that can be assigned to you in an organization, so make sure you have commands on software, tools, programming language etc to master the above tasks dexterously.

Salary of a Cloud Automation Engineer: Trends in India and US 

The average base pay for a cloud automation engineer in the USA is $90,799 per annum. 

The pay scale varies depending upon the year of experience. 

The average salary for a junior cloud automation engineer is $94,038 and for a lead and senior automation engineer, it’s approximately $1L per annum. 

The average pay varies depending upon the company, location and demands. 

In India 

The average base pay of a cloud automation engineer in India is Rs 6 lakhs per annum. The average pay varies depending on the year of experience. 

A cloud automation engineer at beginner level gets an average pay of Rs 5 lakhs per annum, a senior automation engineer gets an average pay of Rs 11 lakh per annum, a lead automation engineer gets an average pay of Rs 17 lakhs per annum. 

Companies looking for Cloud Automation Engineer and their pay scale. 

1. IBM: Offers in the range of Rs 11 -25 lakhs per annum. 2. Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS ): Offers in the range of Rs 4 -5 lakhs per annum. 

3. Mphasis: Offers in the bracket of Rs 15 – 17 lakhs per annum.

4. Progressive Infotech: Offers in the bracket of Rs 5 -6 lakhs per annum. 

5. Info Services: They offer senior cloud automation engineers a decent sum of Rs 33 – 37 lakhs per annum. 

6. HCL technologies: They offer an average pay of Rs 6 lakhs per annum. 

7. Accenture: They usually hire Cloud tools and automation engineer analysts and offer them a package of Rs 11 – 12 lakhs per annum. 

8. TIBCO Softwares: They offer an average pay of Rs 1 lakh per month. 

The hike in the salary depends on the experience and expertise of your work. Don’t choose a company just because they have a high pay scale, choose a company that will allow you to grow as an individual and will help you in learning. The environment of the company is also an important factor, it’s the place where you are going to spend your maximum time. 


There are a few certifications that can be helpful to boost your resume as a cloud automation engineer. 

1. AWS ( Amazon Web Service ) Certification. 

2. Google Cloud Associate and Professional Certifications. 3. EMC cloud architect. 

4. HP ExpertOne Cloud Certification.

A day in a life of a Cloud Automation Engineer 

● A day as a cloud automation engineer starts with breakfast and a mailbox. 

● Reverting to the important mails the automation engineer heads towards the office. 

● You are expected to join a team meeting where all the important tasks that need to be accomplished on the day are discussed. 

● You are expected to maintain and improve the automation pipeline to facilitate seamless integration and deployment on the cloud platforms. 

● You are expected to positively collaborate with the product owner and other internal stakeholders to design and architect highly scalable and reliable solutions using available 

management tools and infrastructure orchestration. ● You need to help your team in filing the different issues and bugs. 

● You have to make sure the team works in collaboration to get the maximum result. 

● The day ends with the team meeting where the accomplished tasks of the day are discussed. 

● Head back home and enjoy! 

Advantages of a Cloud Automation Engineer Course 

The cloud automation engineer course helps you in understanding the skills which you need to work on to sustain in the market. The course at Great Learning will uplift your knowledge from beginners to advanced levels. The knowledge will help you to gain experience and

get expertise on the topics. Once you are an expert in the particular domain you can grab a decent package from any organization. 


Cloud Automation Engineer is a good career choice if you are willing to join the IT industry. The IT industry is vast and cloud automation engineers are among those job profiles which can offer you handsome money. Hope this article has helped you in solving the doubts you faced before reading this article regarding cloud automation engineers. The only advice is to make sure you work on your skills and keep yourself updated with the evolving tech. 

0 Source: GreatLearning Blog

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