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Mentored Learning Sessions are an important part of the program – Jaya Kanojia, PGP AIML


Currently, I am a Game Developer at Aristocrat technologies. It’s been 5 years that I have been a part of the IT industry. I was developing casino slot games for the digital market. I was looking for some certification to upgrade myself and get experience in other fields. When I got the thought to transition my profile, I was a bit nervous and excited. I didn’t know if it would be a good step towards my career growth.

I searched for many online certifications, later I read the reviews, and then I decided to opt for this course from Great Learning. I haven’t taken any online courses in the past, so I wasn’t pretty sure how it was going to be.

Mentored Learning Sessions are an important part of the program. Through mentoring sessions, I got the opportunity to clear my doubts and be a part of the discussion circling important AI/ML topics. It was good, “Abdul Manaf” was our mentor. He always took our doubts and cleared them with discussion. He also provides us the insights into real-life industry problems. This really helps us to imagine how what it will look like when we work professionally in this field of Machine Learning. A mentor is a crucial part of online learning. Our mentor has always tried to engage us in a discussion that enhances our learning. 

I have gained enough knowledge about this field and got an understanding of real-life problems and how to solve them. Project assignments quizzes have been an excellent way to know how much we have learned and get more confidence. My Program Manager “Akash Thusu” has always made sure to resolve my queries and provide support. In case you are not able to complete projects on time for some personal or any other problem. Then they have provided us days of extension to complete them. Within a day, they respond to our query through a support ticket.

If you are thinking of upgrading yourself or transitioning to this AI/Machine Learning industry, then please go ahead without any doubt with Great Learning. They have a very nicely organized Syllabus, and they have executed the learning process well.

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