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Top 7 Career Options after MBA in Marketing

MBA in marketing

Opting for an MBA in Marketing gives you several job opportunities in the marketing aspects of the business. You can work in areas such as brand marketing, sales, various marketing channels, product management, leadership management skills, market research and consumer behaviour, to name a few.

Best 7 Career Options after MBA in Marketing

  1. Brand Manager
  2. Sales Manager
  3. Business Development Manager
  4. SEO Manager
  5. Email Marketing Marketing
  6. Digital Marketing Manager
  7. Social Media Manager

MBA in Marketing is considered one among the most popular specializations while doing your post-graduate studies. The program is typically two-years and teaches you not only technical skills but soft skills as well. Connections made during your B-school are said to last a lifetime and will continue to play a major role throughout your career. Taking up an MBA in marketing has several benefits, such as career advancement opportunities, the scope for increased earnings, knowledge enhancement, and an avenue for skill development. 

Let us take a look at the various career opportunities after you complete your MBA in marketing, and your roles and responsibilities in each of the mentioned job roles. 

Career Options after MBA in Marketing 

1. Brand Manager 

A brand manager is responsible for maintaining brand integrity and values across all channels. They work towards adapting the brand strategy for the target market and works towards maintaining the brand values across all levels of marketing efforts. He/she helps in shaping the vision and mission of the brand and effectively communicating it to the customers. A brand manager works closely towards studying customer insights and delivering effective marketing campaigns that will help in generating leads and attracting customers. 


  • Manages a team of marketing people who work on brand initiatives
  • Works on measuring and reporting performance of all marketing campaigns, and assess ROI and KPIs
  • Oversees any new and ongoing marketing and advertising activities
  • Aligns the brand campaigns around the brand’s direction and tactics
  • Analyze brand positioning and consumer insights

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2. Sales Manager

The sales team of a company is extremely crucial. The key responsibility of a sales manager would be to ensure that the sales team is reaching its targets. They work towards setting quotas, evaluating and adjusting the performance of the sales team, finding new and improved processes to drive sales.


  • Recruiting, hiring, and training the sales team
  • Setting sales goals, comparing the performance of the team to the brand goals, and adjusting brand goals as needed
  • Assessing the current team processes and procedures
  • Identifying new opportunities for improvement and implementing changes
  • Provide a detailed and accurate sales forecast
  • Foster a competitive yet collaborative sales team environment
  • Assess an individual’s performance through observation and measurement, and suggest corrective actions if needed

3. Business Development Manager

A business development manager is concerned with the growth and development of an organisation. They work towards identifying new business opportunities that can help in growing revenues and improve the profitability of the organisation. As a business development manager, you will carefully strategize and plan the positioning in appropriate areas, enhance operations of the business or work towards improving the reputation of the brand. Your responsibilities typically involve working with numerous areas of the business. 


  • Identifying new markets for growth, trends, customers, partnerships, products and services – or new ways of reaching existing markets
  • Foster and develop a good relationship with customers/clients
  • Inculcate strategic thinking – seeing the bigger picture and setting objectives to develop and improve the business
  • A good understanding of the businesses’ products or services 
  • Discuss the promotional strategy and activities with the marketing department
  • Seek creative ways of improving the way the business operates
  • Keep abreast of trends and changes in the business world

4. SEO Manager

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) manager or a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager is responsible for managing the brand’s paid campaigns on search engines. The job description of an SEO Manager also includes handling display ads on Google. 

An SEO manager also works on managing everything related to these brand campaigns, including strategy, budget, execution, and more.


  • Researching on the market trends and generating a report
  • Gathering data and analyzing the same for campaigns
  • Designing a campaign and executing the same
  • Managing the performance while optimizing campaigns simultaneously
  • Finding a list of keywords to implement in the website content

Skills Required:

  • Proven experience in SEM and successful history of managing campaigns
  • Well-versed with conversion, online customer acquisition and performance marketing
  • Profound experience with SEO and SEM management tools
  • Strong experience in generating reports
  • Adequate analytical skills
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5. Email Marketing Manager

An Email Marketing Manager takes on the responsibility to lead all strategies related to email campaigns. The primary duties of an email marketing manager consist of running end-to-end email marketing campaigns, managing the email database, and focus on acquiring new consumers and retarget existing ones.


  • Identify the target audience and work on growing the email list
  • Design and implement several email campaigns to help in capturing leads
  • Create email copies and generate mobile-friendly templates
  • Ensuring accurate and prompt communication with clients 
  • Minimizing unsubscribes
  • Analyzing the email campaign performance and making improvements as necessary

6. Digital Marketing Manager

As a digital marketing manager, you must have a grasp of the latest marketing strategies and tools. You will be responsible for running digital marketing campaigns, right from coming up with a concept of executing the same. A digital marketing manager may also work closely with supporting the entire marketing team to make campaigns go live.


  • Planning and executing a complete digital marketing strategy, including email campaigns, display advertising campaigns, and more
  • Designing, building and maintaining social media presence of brands
  • Measuring and reporting the performance of campaigns
  • Identifying insights and trends along with optimizing the brand campaigns based on the same insights
  • Brainstorming creative and new growth strategies

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7. Social Media Manager

The role of a social media manager is to administer social media accounts across all channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. The prime responsibility is to come up with eye-catching and engaging text copies that go along with visual designs, including video, images, infographics, gifs and more, to increase engagement and followers on the social media platforms.


  • Performing research on trends and target audience
  • Designing and implementing social media strategy that aligns with goals of the business
  • Setting objectives and generating an ROI report
  • Generating, editing, publishing and sharing content daily
  • Monitoring web traffic and SEO metrics

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2 Source: GreatLearning Blog

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