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Cartula Health India Joins Hands With Medway Technologies

The duo has launched India’s first BNPL service for outpatient care enabling patients with immediate access to any outpatient care or procedure they need.

Cartula Health India, India’s leading telemedicine startup,with a mission to transform healthcare access in India, today announced the launch of a revolutionary service sponsored by Medway Technologies – an AI-powered platform that connects healthcare service providers, to transform OPD care in India. The duo has launched India’s first BNPL service for outpatient care enabling patients with immediate access to any outpatient care or procedure they need. This first of its kind initiative in the industry will bring innovation and credit advantage for enabling and empowering patient care anytime anywhere across the country.

The patient can avail the service at any point in time and can avail a 30 day interest-free credit period. This cashless facility is available in an open network which means a patient can walk into any healthcare clinic for any service they need – be it any diagnostic centers, labs, doctors, pharmacy and avail this new feature. Currently, the service will be provided to corporates, who can pass on this benefit to their employees nationwide to help them care better for themselves and their families.

The benefits of the BNPL model–

·         Interest free 30 days credit period for making the payments

·         Open network- patient can walk into a healthcare clinic/service of their choice

·         Avail anytime OPD services pan India

·         Gives the power to the patients to avail OPD services without worrying about out-of-pocket expenditure

According to March 2021 NITI Aayog report, Indians paid over $72 Billion on healthcare expenses that they paid from their pockets.  Infact, India has one-of-the highest level of out of pocket expenditures contributing directly to the high incidence of catastrophic expenditures and poverty, according to the Economic Survey.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Vimal Prakash, Founder and CEO, Cartula Health India said, “I believe that primary healthcare is often neglected in India and hence we see huge out of pocket expenditure expenses which leads to poor patient outcomes due to delay in diagnosis and treatment. It is to address this challenge of timely patient care that we launched this unique financial service in partnership with Medway Technologies. This industry first solution I believe will ease the patient burden to a large extent and increase preventive care in a country like India that is riddled with lifestyle disease burdens such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Timely care is the surest way to cure, and we believe that providing ease of payment in OPD care can reduce disease burden and improve patient outcomes for our nation.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Shweta Agnihotri, COO, Cartula Health India said, “Cartula Health India is on a mission to build India’s largest primary healthcare network. Partnering with a like-minded platform such as Medway Technologies is in line with this mission. With this partnership, our aim is to encourage patients to seek timely care and avoid hospitalization. OPD is the first line of intervention when it comes to disease management, by bringing services that reduce the cost burden on the patient, our hope is that we can encourage timely care and cure and contribute towards better health outcomes for prevailing diseases in India and also encourage patients to put their health first.”

Cartula International started in 2019 and entered the Indian market in January 2021 after a successful response from the Australian and Indonesian markets with an aim to eliminate the shortcomings in the Indian healthcare system and make healthcare easily accessible to every citizen of India, especially the rural and backward populations. Cartula Health India aims to reach every mile and serve every individual. Not just with doctor consultation, but with better medical plans that are affordable for all.

Cartula Health India held 100 + events including health camps in Mumbai and Delhi Police, charity events for NGOs, etc. It has given back to India by hosting more than 1800 free health camps in150+ villages and has also served 50+ onsite corporate covid vaccinations. Currently, the app has 7,00,000+ downloads in and around rural areas. Cartula Health has also come up with Cartula Janani – to give information on pre and postnatal care as the research suggests that India is one of the leading countries with a high mortality rate during childbirth.

Source: Business World

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