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Earth Day Signifies Everything We Need To Do To Restore Our Planet

Apple and its partners launched its first-ever $200 million Restore Fund to accelerate natural solutions for climate action.

We can’t lock down to fight climate change. We can’t mask up against global warming. The urgency of Climate Action remains as urgent as ever. And Earth Day is just another reminder of how significant our present actions will be for future generations. It’s clear as day that ‘restoring our Earth and redefining our relationship with nature is the key to a sustainable future. The support that Earth Day has garnered from different stakeholders is a testament to this fact.

Businesses, Individuals, and Governments – Everyone Come Together on Earth Day

To achieve a zero-carbon future, we have to take decisive action today. From big businesses to conscious citizens, many people have announced their intent to support Earth Day.

Apple and its partners launched its first-ever $200 million Restore Fund to accelerate natural solutions for climate action. The fund is expected to make investments in forestry projects to remove carbon from the atmosphere while generating a financial return for investors.

HP Inc, too, announced aggressive climate action goals ahead of Earth Day 2021. The IT company is aiming to achieve a “net-zero carbon, fully regenerative economy” and create “the most sustainable portfolio of products and solutions in the industry.” It has provided a comprehensive five-component strategy for divesting growth from carbon emission and resource consumption.

ICLEI, a global network of more than 1,750 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development, active in 125+ countries has joined hands with EARTHDAY.ORG to drive climate action at the local level.

Elsewhere, hundreds of thousands of volunteers from around the globe signed up for Earth Day 2021 with ‘The Great Global Cleanup’. From Kenya to the Philippines to Finland to Alaska and Peru — volunteers all over the world are coming together to create a cleaner planet.

NASA is celebrating Earth Day on its social media for the first time. The gravity of climate action has also led them to create a new position of senior climate adviser to exclusively study the causes and consequences of global warming. The role, taken over by Gavin Schmidt, will bring more expertise and climate science considerations into decisions on NASA’s operations.

Scores of virtual events, music festivals, performances by artists, etc are being witnessed to mark this occasion. These action plans and celebrations are promising to say the least. The support garnered across the globe for one day in the year is staggering.

Imagine if we take every day to be Earth Day.

Earth Day, which is being celebrated since 1970, is symbolic of change from the ground up. It’s a reminder that we will perish unless we come together and solve the nature crisis. The fact that businesses fear the greenwashing label and are opting for real solutions to monitor their carbon footprint speaks volumes. Additionally, individuals joining the fight and governments keeping nature-based solutions are providing incredible momentum to the green movement.

It’s never been more accessible to bring about real change. It’s also never been more imperative to make this transformational shift. Above all, with elaborate plans, these public and private stakeholders are establishing accountability towards climate actions.

It’s exactly what the world needs today. Such concrete steps are the need of the hour to restore our Earth. Gone is the time to make abstract pledges. To keep the warming below 1.5 degrees celsius, we need to take decisive actions today.

Be Green

I read an interesting thought by Malene McElroy, the sustainability coordinator at NASA. She says it doesn’t take a green thumb to promote environmental awareness in the workplace and at home. You just need a green heart. This thought has stayed with and the foundation on which – an ecosystem for nature lovers and professionals was built. This is a critical juncture where nature has to be placed at the center. And bringing together people who are pushing for various initiatives need a global platform. We have to amplify the message of Earth Day and the voices behind it.

This crisis is going to define our future. So, we have to know that we are all in this together. Experts, policymakers, you, me, everyone. With the advancements in science and so many people taking the first step already – let’s work towards building a better world.

Source: Business World

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