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Nanosniff Technologies Raises Undisclosed Amount From JITO Angel Network

This funding will help us upgrade the product and also test it in Europe for a possible ECAC approval

JITO Angel Network invested an undisclosed sum in the investment round. NanoSniff had in the past raised 2 mn USD in Equity, loans and grants from One crowd and other marquee investors and Government of India.

NanoSniffer, the world’s first microsensor-based explosive trace detector (ETD), developed by NanoSniff Technologies, an IIT-Bombay incubated startup, can detect variety of explosives like TNT, Ammonium Nitrate and RDX in less than 10 seconds. 

Costing just one-third of the price of imported ETDs, the 100 percent indigenously-made NanoSniffer can also identify and classify explosives into different classes of military, conventional and homemade explosives.

Once it provides trace detection of explosives weighing in nanograms (one nanogram is equal to one-millionth of a milligram), the NanoSniffer alerts security personnel with a sunlight-readable colour display attached to the device giving out visible and audible alerts.

Given the nature of threats that high-security installations like airports, railway stations, metro stations, hotels, shopping complexes, malls or places of worship face, it’s imperative that they are equipped with quality explosive detection capabilities. Launched earlier this month, the NanoSniff is looking to address its security requirements.

Dr Nitin S Kale, Co-founder and Director  : Given the constant threats, which our nation faces due to geo-political realities, explosives and contraband detection has become a norm at high-security locations like airports, railways and Metro stations, hotels, malls, and other public places. We are proud to be first to Build world’s first micro-sensor based explosive trace detector (ETD), using a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS), called NanoSniffer— the world’s first Microsensor-based Explosive Trace Detector (ETD).A made in India technology protected by patents in the U.S. & Europe,  We are thankful to the JITO angel network for their trust in a deep tech start up like nanosniff. This funding will help us upgrade the product and also test it in Europe for a possible ECAC approval

JITO Angel Network(JAN) A premium community based organisation  which invests in Budding entrepreneurs and supports them  by leveraging the Jain community platform made by Jain International trade organisation. JITO Angel Network have invested in 50+ companies and have got multiple exits in the last 6 months giving handsome returns to its investors.  

Sunil Kumar Singhvi – Vice Chairman JITO Angel Network – NanoSniff Technologies has built 100% made in India products in terms of Research, Development and Manufacturing is a step towards achieving the government’s dream of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’. With the development of this product, JITO Angel Network along with IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi are making a sincere effort to boost the nation’s security with highly reliable and affordable indigenous products.’

Source: Business World

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