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Simran Balar Jain: An Influencer On A Mission To Break The Taboos Of Society

Simran Balar Jain is one of the rising creators who is growing at a fast pace with 760k + followers on Instagram. Based in Bangalore, Simran is widely known to create content on societal taboos like sexual health, women’s hygiene, and many more. She has helped clear the doubts of thousands of people regarding sexual health through her DMs and regular Instagram surveys. With her content, she has promoted small businesses dealing with sexual wellness and body-positive products to grow substantially in the market. Read on to know more about Simran and her content.

About Simran Balar Jain

Simran Balar Jain is a graduate with MBA in finance. She started her journey as a fashion creator by getting inspired from other content creators. Her first blog was called ‘The Moody Vibe’. Over time, she started trying different niches like travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyles. Amidst this, she saw many international content creators talking about sex education and that motivated her to post her first video and she received a huge response on it. Since then, social media became her forte. However, her initial days were pretty hard as her family wasn’t supportive of her choice to become a content creator.  It was a task for her to get them on board. Later she struggled due to slow growth, less engagement, and earnings at the same time it was difficult for her to manage her job and passion together. But she kept going despite all the obstacles in the way.

About Simran Balar Jain’s content

Ever since her college days, Simran has loved facing the camera and has had the zeal to learn new things that push her beyond her comfort zone. This helped her create content across verticals which include fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. This interest and passion led her to start a blog, after which she adapted to the new-age platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, to name a few. She got inspired by international creators to create informational content around societal taboos like sex and periods. One of Simran’s biggest milestones achievements was to give a talk at that TEDx event. That’s not all she bought her own home as well as a car at the age of 23, isn’t that WOWW?

Here’s what Simran Balar Jain has to say about her content,

I believe that creating content has to be infotainment, which is currently the trendsetter in the creators economy. Gathering the courage to speak about uncomfortable subjects and making them a fun topic to discuss on a public platform is what pushed me to gain over 760K followers on Instagram over the last 6 months.

We absolutely love how Simran didn’t let anything come in her way of following her passion and has become a successful creator. We can’t wait for her to reach new heights and achieve many more milestones. On a side note, we hope that everyone is taking care of all the precautions and staying home.

Source: MissMalini

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