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Raising Amid Adversity

To understand the overall change in the startup ecosystem industry intellectual gathered at BW Disrupt ’30 Under 30′, these young professionals have shared their learnings.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has bought unprecedented challenges for both businesses and corporates globally. However, it has become a pool of opportunities as well. Startup Legality has been fortunate enough whose business got the positive impact of the lockdown. 

As pandemic hit hard on each sector, but few sectors found the opportunity within. To understand the overall change in the startup ecosystem industry intellectual gathered at BW Disrupt ’30 Under 30′, these young professionals have shared their learnings.  

Speaking about the pandemic impact on startup space and key learnings and strengths during though times Jessica Singh, Founder/ Director, Stanley Communications said, “Being a 4-year-old company we were at our peak, working with great client & biggest and the biggest clients were affected, we couldn’t run away from this, We were trying to understand the sentiments of the clients,”. She added, “it was a larger problem back in 2020 more than in 2021, It suddenly hit you had no idea what is happening, you would not know when this would end.” Talking about learnings she said, ” Resilience like no other, adaptability and keep expanding the industries do not limit yourself to one industry, because this is a very vast environment and more comfortable you are working with different sectors, more you going to grow”.  

Expressing views on strategies and navigating the shift that is still on Neetish Sarda, Smart works coworking space said, “Our focus from the very beginning had been towards setting a different sort of co-working environment.” In addition, he said, ” pandemic has created another vertical, the post-pandemic world is going to be very good for us, because now people want agility, people want flexibility.” On his learnings “Mitigate your risks, make sure you are capturing all aspects, you are not focusing on one business”.  

Shivam Singla, Founder & CEO, Leegality expressed “we have been one of the fortunate companies, whose business impacted positively because of the lockdown, considering we have been a digital documentation solution and most of our client base has been enterprise, we saw a massive increase in adoption and the comfort in business to go digital with their documents.” Further, he said, “The pandemic has been the test of resilience for startups across the board and considering that it’s been a decent time as well, it’s been more than a year, its built new habits and most of the habits we pick up are here to stay for good”.  

Vinayak Shrivastav Co-Founder and CEO, Toch said ” Technically we didn’t pivot a lot, we are in the digital face, where we all were looking for great adoption and that something we very actively started looking at saying that the digital adoption there the kind of stay and pandemic accelerated most of it, it gave us the opportunity to expand beyond India very aggressively. While pre-pandemic we were only focusing on the Indian market, now we also started focusing on the global market.” He added, “Focus on your business and focus on the execution of everything else will fall inline., Ensure that people you have trusted stick around and you’re the team is going to be your biggest strength no matter what happens, and the pandemic has made everyone realize that anything and everything is possible so praise yourself for the worst possible scenario and the best possible scenario.”  

Source: Business World

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