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Syntizen Partners With The Odisha Government

This AI-powered solution seeks to provide an amicable remedy to the issues faced by many pensioners every year.

Syntizen, one of India’s leading Digital Identity Solutions provider, has partnered with the Odisha government to provide a Video KYC solution to help them offer life certificates to pensioners. The state has become the first in the country to deploy a digital process which includes Aadhaar Validation for smoothening the process of obtaining a life certificate. The beneficiaries of the service will be the five lakh pension seekers across the state.

This AI-powered solution seeks to provide an amicable remedy to the issues faced by many pensioners every year. Receiving a pension is a tedious route where a pension seeker needs to submit a life certificate to get the retirement benefits. The physical process is slow and inconvenient. 

As a 100% digitally capacitated exercise, Syntizen’s Video KYC solution provides an instant process to obtain a life certificate in four simple steps. All one has to do is: 

1. Enter the basic details like PPO Number, Treasury Name

2. Verify the Aadhaar details using OTP based e-KYC

3. Join Video call where some Questions shall be asked

4. Perform Facial Matching and Liveness Detection for validating the pensioner

The procedure takes 5–10 minutes, and a life certificate is generated instantly. The confirmation is sent to the pension seeker via SMS.

Odisha Computer Application Center (OCAC), a PSU under IT Department, Government of Odisha in partnership with Syntizen Technologies and Dept of Finance is providing the Al/ML based solution to issue life certificates and ease pension disbursements.

Speaking about the initiative with the Odisha Government, Siddharth Kukatlapalli, Co-founder and CBO, Syntizen, said, “We, at Syntizen, always envisioned furnishing services that could help corporate enterprises, governments, and people around the country. Our identification checking and instant service delivery systems are ingenious and fool-proof at the same time. We are glad to showcase it on a large platform by helping the Odisha government facilitate efficient distribution of digital life certificates to around 5 lakh pension seekers in the state.”

Odisha government spokesperson, Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra, IRTS, Chairman OCAC & IT Secretary, Odisha, said, “People often associate government-related work to be time-consuming because of the amount of effort that goes into going from office to office. It was no different for pensioners. We wanted to make things simpler and Syntizen does that well. We are looking forward to incorporating the digital authentication process into other government services as well. 

This program was officially launched by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik on 29th December 2021.

Syntizen is looking forward to offering Video KYC-based life certificates in other states. Currently, Syntizen provides Aadhaar solutions to several states, such as the Telangana government, Uttar Pradesh government, Tamil Nadu government, and Andhra Pradesh government. The Telangana government incorporates Syntizen’s facial matching solutions across their transport and education departments. In the private sector, DCB Bank and Fincare small finance bank use its Aadhaar services, and more than 30 BFSI clients integrate Syntizen’s services in their working space. Daily, Syntizen’s engines record 5-7 million transactions.

Source: Business World

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