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Tarun Katial’s EVE WORLD Acquires ‘Femcy’

This acquisition allows Eve World to move closer to presenting its users with a comprehensive experience across entertainment, infotainment, knowledge series, and much more, on its tech enabled utility platform.

EVE WORLD, launched in October 2021, by Tarun Katial, Aparna Acharekar and Rajneel Kumar and backed by Jungle Ventures, announces the acquisition of Femcy, a femtech brand focused on personalised menstrual wellness solutions. This move is in keeping with Eve World’s commitment to enabling meaningful conversations, top quality content, and curated services to its users. Founded by Nandhini Gopal, Femcy has built a comprehensive solution for menstrual health and nutrition and has an involved community that is extremely relevant to Eve World, the women-only platform built on the pillars of sisterhood and empowerment.

Research points at ‘health and hygiene as an important lever for content and community needs of young girls and women, making this acquisition a seamless integration into Eve and its proposition. Femcy envisions a 3-pronged solution in addition to its period tracker of smart content and personalised consultations that fit into a busy schedule, amalgamating with Eve World’s commitment to offering an authentic, credible, safe, personalised and empowering experience on the platform. Studies indicate a lacuna in the available options for women to understand, connect, consult, and have conversations around female health and hygiene, which makes Femcy a perfect asset for Eve World.

This acquisition allows Eve World to move closer to presenting its users with a comprehensive experience across entertainment, infotainment, knowledge series, and much more, on its tech enabled utility platform. India’s population has 335mn menstruating women, of which 200mn in the age bracket of 15-44 years are smartphone users and discretionary health and wellness spenders. This demography, coupled with the exponential rise in usage of period trackers and lifestyle apps, points at an enormous business potential.

This acquisition is backed by the intent and clear endeavour of Femcy to:

Empower conversations: users will activate technology as an enabler to optimise their cycle through personalised nutrition, exercise, and stress relief plans

Decentralise ownership: enabling collective ownership with experts, creators, and users, working in unison to develop content, community, and commerce for this ecosystem. It is also backed by a very robust blockchain led rewards and loyalty program by Eve World.

Holistic experience: It will cover the entire gamut ranging from understanding symptoms, consulting experts, learning from experiences, and modifying lifestyles

Personalisation: users can easily discover what they seek, through personalisation and recommendations, as well as expand the offering to include live, curated, and personal experiences

Speaking on the acquisition, Tarun Katial, Founder & CEO, EVE WORLD said, “The imbalanced growth environment of Femtech today, points at enormous potential and opportunities for entrepreneurs. The time couldn’t be more perfect to innovate and curate solutions to bridge the gaps and address the enormous female population that are currently grossly underserved. Authentic, relevant, and meaningful content is sure to see a loyal audience, with a potential for further brand leverage. The Femcy acquisition provides women with a holistic experience, fostering a community of power users. We continue to seek opportunities that will fortify Eve World’s position as a premier platform of choice.”

Speaking on the partnership, Nandhini Gopal, Co-founder & CEO, Femcy said, “I feel proud to have the illustrious team of Eve World believe and back Femcy. The marketing power, intellect, and outreach of Eve World will help reach the Femcy offering to a larger discerning audience base, for whom menstrual issues are often treated by self-experimentation, inherited knowledge, and unverified tips from their support network. This often leads to delayed diagnosis of underlying chronic conditions and tolerating poor quality of life throughout the menstrual cycle, and we look forward to changing this mindset and attitude for the better.”

“Our focus on empowerment and sisterhood, in building a comprehensive, judgement free space for women and young girls on the internet, has led us to prioritizing areas of high interest. ‘Health and hygiene’ has clearly emerged as a top pressing issue, and the Femcy brand promise and design, fits in very well with our goals and objectives of offering solutions and services that improve the quality of life for women anywhere. Add to that the passion and depth of knowledge with Nandhini Gopal, and we believe we have a unique offering, which our audiences need and deserve to experience,” said Aparna Acharekar, Co-founder of EVE WORLD.

EVE WORLD seeks to build a positive and valuable digital experience for women worldwide, where young girls and women of all ages can create and consume content, share opinions and thoughts, engage, and build connections in a responsible, safe virtual environment.

Source: Business World

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