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The Belgian Waffle Co. Launches The Stroopwafel

The homegrown brand has more than 270 stores in 75+ cities, including Nepal, and is one of the fastest-growing QSR chains in India.

After successfully introducing the Waffwich – a waffle sandwich which has become synonymous with waffles in India as a freshly baked, eggless treat, The Belgian Waffle Co is now introducing the Stroopwafel – a Dutch-inspired dessert, that is a favourite on the streets of Netherlands and is an ideal combination of a waffle and a cookie. The unique European dessert became popular as a sweet yet a light snack which can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The new offering by The Belgian Waffle Co will now bring the taste of Netherlands to India.

 In the last 5 years, The Belgian Waffle Co has earned its name as one of the most famous dessert brands in the country. It has surprised its customers time and again by launching exciting products like The Waffle Cake, Ice Cream Waff-Wich, Mini Waffles and more. With the launch of Stroopwafel, the brand wants to keep the momentum going as the Dutch favourite is a versatile snack which can be eaten on its own or can be commonly enjoyed with tea, coffee or ice cream, making it even more suitable for the Indian market.

The Belgian Waffle Co is a leading name in this category and has a huge fan base of loyal patrons transcending age groups. The homegrown brand has more than 270 stores in 75+ cities, including Nepal, and is one of the fastest-growing QSR chains in India. The brand is getting a strong foothold in Delhi, a market that is known for its love for Indian sweets and is also poised to hit the international markets soon.

Apart from its strong presence in the QSR space, the company is expanding its horizons with their innovative FMCG products which are now available across e-commerce platforms as well as through their own stores.

Speaking about the new launch, Shrey Aggarwal, the founder of The Belgian Waffle Co said, “We have organically expanded into the FMCG segment with our first 3 categories – Pancake and Waffle Premixes, Waffle Crisps and our much loved Spreads. The Pancake and Waffle Premix is available in Original, Multigrain and Chocolate & Oats flavours and the Waffle Crisps are available in Chocolate and Double Chocolate flavours. There are more exciting and innovative products in the pipeline that we are very excited about, including new offerings that will cater to the more health conscious consumer like gluten free and protein based products. Our goal is to set up a standalone FMCG division with top quality products and with distribution across our QSR outlets, e-commerce platforms, modern trade and A-list stores across the country.”

Source: Business World

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