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Trell Concludes Masterclass For Content Creators

The influencers advised that creating super specialization for themselves is crucial in creating authentic and unique content.

Content creators today have become a huge factor in our purchase decisions. Reviews and recommendations from content creators help buyers make informed decisions, solve day-to-day life challenges through regular interaction, and enhance their lifestyles.

Against this backdrop, Trell, India’s leading lifestyle social commerce platform conducted an insightful Masterclass on 26th November with IPL Host, former Miss India International and actress Shonali Nagrani, and renowned travel influencers Priyanka Jena and Tanveer Taj. Both these influencers shared their experiences of creating content, tips which can help promising content creators to engage with users and create content that resonates with their target audience.

During the masterclass, influencers shared suggestions to help budding content creators enhance their content. The influencers advised that creating super specialization for themselves is crucial in creating authentic and unique content. They also shared tips on audio-visual mixing in videos, planning content, and managing engagement with followers.

The actress Shonali Nagrani said, “Being a content creator isn’t a piece of cake. It’s about understanding where your passion lies and the interest area of your followers. Also, to connect with people, it’s essential that you add your unique style and don’t be afraid of experimenting with new things.”

The biggest life lesson that I would like to share is that being a content creator means being consistent in what you’re doing, constantly motivating yourself, not letting self-doubt come into your mind and listening to the feedback of your audience, and incorporating it into your content.” She further added

Leading travel influencers Priyanka Jena and Tanveer Taj shared “If you are keen about being a content creator, then you must find a niche for yourself and create content which defines your personality. In addition to this, it also means that you should be ready to let the unexpected happen while creating content and at times it can give you the best of results”.

These days’ audiences love when the background music is added to the content. But it’s important that background music goes with the content which you are planning to upload. “Priyanka Jena and Tanveer Taj further added

Trell’s masterclass, besides being informative, was also engaging for the audience, making it hugely successful. With 50 million+ monthly active users, the platform has content creators creating content on various categories including health and fitness, beauty and personal care, travel, food, and more. Trell, further, plans to conduct more such workshops in the future.

Source: Business World

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