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Triller Launches Talent IP Triller Iconz

Triller Iconz is also joined by Radio Mirchi where Mirchi influencers would create fun and interesting challenges for audiences following along.

Triller has launched its India exclusive talent IP – Triller Iconz. The AI-powered global platform driving engagement and monetization for creators is on a mission to recognize creators making a difference with their undeniable talent. With this initiative, Triller aims to give the next generation of digital stars a launchpad and support them on their journey to stardom. A panel of two mentors from the entertainment and influencer industry, Ashnoor Kaur and Siddharth Nigam will evaluate the creator’s content and guide them as the contest progresses. The winners will stand a chance to win prizes worth Rupees 50 Lacs including a certificate from Nas Academy – the leading training and development platform for content creators, a 5-day vacation on cruise for the winners through Hospitality partner Cordelia, PIVO pods from Gadget partner PIVO, Amazon vouchers, and merch boxes. The final 15 will also meet international Triller influencers Markell Washington, Aisha Mian, and Azra Mian. Triller Iconz is also joined by Radio Mirchi where Mirchi influencers would create fun and interesting challenges for audiences following along.

“We are bringing the Triller experience to India,” said Rohan Tyagi, VP Operations and Strategy, Triller India. “As a global entity, we operate with a creator-first approach in building unique and powerful culture-setting experiences. With Triller Iconz we want to express our appreciation for the Indian creator community. Thus it is not just about providing budding creators a start, but also the tools and industry support necessary to sustain their careers irrespective of the genre.”  

As a mentor, Siddharth Nigam said, “Triller Iconz is a first of its kind talent hunt, it takes a well-rounded approach to rewarding creators and budding artists. I commend Triller for taking the initiative on creating a concept that will support the next generation of digital creators well beyond the announcement of final winners. And of course, it is going to be a lot of fun. I’m excited to see what this new generation of entertainers has in store for us.”

The competition will take place in three phases over a month in five different categories: dance, music, lifestyle, comedy, and quirk-it-out. Post-screening, 45 participants will compete to reach the semi-finals further narrowing it down to 15 who will continue in the finalist spots. The final 15 will be mentored by actors and influencers Ashnoor Kaur, and Siddharth Nigam while public voting commences. The mentors will help the finalists to work on enhancing their content and will groom them to become Triller Iconz. The competition will conclude with five winners, one from each category. 

Top 150 winners will receive several prizes including free cruises, vouchers, and merch boxes in partnership with PIVO, Cordelia, and Amazon. Triller has also partnered with Nas Academy as part of its goal to support budding creators in their careers. 45 lucky winners will get a chance to enroll with Nas academy to hone their craft of which 15 winners will also meet with Triller’s international influencers.

Source: Business World

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