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Turn Your Spare Change Into Investments With Niyox’s ‘Invest The Change’

Users can spend as they do currently while Niyo makes it easy to use spend behaviour for promoting investments.

NiyoX – a 2-in-1 wealth plus savings account by India’s leading digital banking fintech – Niyo, has launched ‘Invest the Change’ which allows users to convert their spare change into investments. Niyo aims to inculcate a habit of saving and investing among the Indian millennials by making it simple and fun. Users can spend as they do currently while Niyo makes it easy to use spend behaviour for promoting investments.

NiyoX’s feature ‘Invest the Change’ allows users to round up all their spends (food order, cab fares, subscriptions, fund transfers etc.) made with NiyoX to the next 10, 50, or 100 and invest the spare change into a mutual fund of their choice.

All debits from the account count as spends – these include transactions made in-person at a store, online, via UPI, or even via fund transfers. The spare change that gets collected each time a user spends, keeps accumulating and when it crosses ₹100, it gets auto-invested in a pre-selected mutual fund of user’s choice

The Invest the Change (ITC) feature is designed to jumpstart and promote regular saving and investing for the new and small investors who are yet to build the habit or do not feel ready to make larger investments on a regular basis. Users who have been actively making regular investments for a long time believe that ‘Invest The Change’ is a great way to maximize their savings.

With the ITC feature, NiyoX aims to help build a rhythm and routine that can guide users until saving and investing becomes their second nature and they are confident enough to take a leap into making bigger investments. Commenting on the development, Vinay Bagri, Co-founder & CEO, Niyo said, “We have been working relentlessly to make banking simple, safe and smart. Invest the change is yet another effort in that direction. We understand that many millennials procrastinate investments because of time & effort needed to get going and hence have designed the product for those who love spending but often forget to save.”

Ankur Choudary, VP Product at Niyo Money said, “We designed the product in such a way that any NiyoX customer opting for ITC can spend guilt-free as with every spend they would be setting aside their spare change for investments. There are no commitments whatsoever and customers can withdraw their saved money any time they want while enjoying returns higher than their savings account. It’s absolutely the easiest way for young earners to start their investment journey. We expect Invest the Change to increase the adoption of NiyoX as the primary spending + savings account for millennials.”

Niyo was the first consumer neo-bank to go live in India with NiyoX – a state-of-the-art mobile banking solution for millennials in partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank and Visa. NiyoX account provides access to a full wealth management suite besides the savings account. The comprehensive wealth management suite powered by Niyo Money offers zero commission mutual funds, facility to track all your investments at one place, robo advisory and a feature that analyzes your investment, savings and expenses. Niyo will soon launch Zero Forex Markup and Salary rewards. Last month, NiyoX on-boarded 5 Lac customers in just 150 days of its launch.

Source: Business World

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