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5 Star’s Anti-Valentine’s Day approach over the years: Breaking through the mush

Valentine’s Day, celebrated annually on February 14th, is a day dedicated to love and affection. It’s a time when people express their feelings for their loved ones through gestures like giving gifts, sharing heartfelt messages, and spending quality time together. Whether you’re celebrating with a partner, friends, or by yourself, Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to appreciate and cherish the relationships that bring joy to our lives.

Brands seize the opportunity to participate in Valentine’s Day by launching special products, campaigns, and promotions tailored to the theme of love and romance. They aim to evoke feelings of warmth and connection through visually captivating content and heartfelt messaging.

But have you ever heard of an anti-Valentine campaign? One that promotes being alone on Valentine’s Day? Well, that’s what Cadbury 5 Star’s ‘Valentine Campaigns’ have been for the past six years. Every year, they release unique anti-Valentine campaigns, catering to singles and the heartbroken. It’s a departure from the norm, isn’t it?

Chocolates, known for their practicality and widespread appeal, are a favourite among consumers, especially on Valentine’s Day. Consequently, chocolate companies often incorporate the sentimental and emotional aspects of the holiday into their marketing strategies. 

Yet, what sets 5 Star’s marketing apart is its distinct spin on the familiar Valentine’s Day theme, sparking conversations among individuals. Let’s have a look at their campaigns:

 Valentines 2024 


Cadbury 5Star, in collaboration with space scientist Nambi Narayanan, is launching an innovative campaign this year aimed at disrupting Valentine’s Day traditions. This initiative involves the introduction of a unique ‘time travel vessel’ named F.N.S. Cringe Vinash, with the mission to erase Valentine’s Day. On February 14th, three volunteers will embark on a journey to fast-forward the day from their timelines, and the entire event will be live-streamed for global viewing. Developed by Ogilvy, this unique campaign invites individuals to participate as ‘Mission Engineers’ by signing up on the campaign’s dedicated website.

Valentines 2023 

In its 2023 Valentine’s campaign, Cadbury 5Star, a brand under Mondelez India, collaborated with Ogilvy India to launch an innovative initiative. The campaign aimed to assist singles in navigating through areas saturated with romantic couples in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. Embracing the theme of #DoNothing for the year, Cadbury 5Star introduced a Mush Detector Web App. This tool allowed users to identify locations with high levels of romantic sentiment, enabling them to find peaceful spots to ‘Do Nothing’ undisturbed. With the app’s AR mode, users could scan their surroundings to avoid mushy areas and discover quieter spots for solitude away from the commotion. The campaign’s goal was to provide singles with a way to enjoy their Valentine’s Day without feeling overwhelmed by romantic displays.

Valentines 2022


Cadbury 5 Star, in its 2022 campaign came up with an unusual idea to help consumers navigate Valentine’s Day with ease. Instead of resorting to awkward excuses, single individuals could confidently say, I am going to ‘My Cousin’s Wedding’ – thanks to Cadbury 5 Star’s initiative.

Taking inspiration from Bruce Wayne’s resourcefulness, the chocolate brand took control of an island off the coast of Karnataka and renamed it ‘My Cousin’s Wedding’. This creative move not only provided a convenient excuse but also offered an alternative Valentine’s Day experience. Participants were treated to complimentary 5 Star chocolates while enjoying the serene beauty of the island, free from any disturbances.

Valentines 2021 


Cadbury’s 5 Star, in its 2021 campaign,  introduced its ‘The Escape Valentine’s Day collection’ with the slogan “Do Nothing.” Instead of typical Valentine’s gifts like photo frames and teddy bears, Cadbury did something different. They smashed these items and turned them into useful furniture like chairs and bean bags. This creative idea offered people both practical gifts and a break from the usual Valentine’s Day clichés.

Valentines 2020 

In its 2020 campaign, Cadbury 5 Star continued its tradition of celebrating the hashtag #DoNothing. This time, they encouraged singles to relax and take it easy on Valentine’s Day. 

However, the campaign extended beyond digital platforms, showcasing a brilliant example of advertisement placement through Cadbury 5 Star’s out-of-home (OOH) activity, which left passersby amused. One instance involved Silk’s romantic billboard posing the question “How far will you go for love?” to which 5 Star’s billboard humorously responded with “Nah, I’m fine here. Eat 5 Star, #DoNothing”. In addition to outdoor communication, a series of short videos entertained the audience while delivering a lasting message through relatable stories with contrasting yet relatable narratives.


Through three fun ads, the campaign showed how romantic gestures can sometimes go wrong, adding a touch of humour to the holiday. The ads aimed to make people chuckle while also reminding them to enjoy the day without stressing over traditional romantic expectations.






Let’s delve into the intriguing marketing strategy behind these unconventional campaigns and explore how they resonate with their audience. 

Cadbury 5 Star’s anti-Valentine campaign is a unique and attention-grabbing marketing tactic. While many competitors focus on traditional expressions of love, Cadbury 5 Star stands out by embracing the opposite sentiment. This approach allows the brand to engage with a wider audience, including those who may not feel represented by typical Valentine’s Day messaging.

The decision to run an anti-Valentine campaign likely stems from a desire to connect with consumers on a deeper level and align with their values. By acknowledging the variety of emotions experienced on Valentine’s Day, Cadbury 5 Star demonstrates authenticity fostering stronger brand loyalty in the process.

Moreover, the anti-Valentine campaign presents Cadbury 5 Star with an opportunity to showcase its creativity and ingenuity. By deviating from the norm and offering a refreshing perspective on the holiday, the brand leaves a lasting impression on its audience, potentially driving sales and increasing brand awareness.

Furthermore, Cadbury 5 Star’s anti-Valentine campaign taps into the growing trend of celebrating self-love and independence. In recent years, there has been a shift towards embracing individuality and rejecting societal pressure to conform to traditional relationship norms. By advocating these values, Cadbury 5 Star positions itself as a brand that understands and celebrates the diversity of its consumer base.

Overall, Cadbury 5 Star’s anti-Valentine campaign is a strategic and impactful marketing initiative that not only differentiates the brand from competitors but also strengthens its connection with consumers. By embracing unconventional themes and catering to a diverse audience, Cadbury 5 Star demonstrates its commitment to authenticity, creativity, and inclusivity.

Source: Social Samosa

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