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97% marketers prefer digital media for growth marketing: Publicis Marketing Playbook

Publicis Commerce India has announced the launch of the inaugural Digital Growth Marketing Playbook. The playbook – in conjunction with Amazon Ads – outlines how advertisers can adopt a growth marketing approach, shifting from focusing on isolated campaigns to looking at how marketing can contribute towards delivering overall business growth.  

This playbook aims to present a marketer’s outlook toward growth marketing and provide directional steps that a brand can take when enabling growth marketing. It sheds light on the top-of-mind concerns among marketers, emphasizing short-to-mid-term growth, particularly in response to changing consumer preferences and behaviors. It identifies challenges such as increasing competitive intensity, technological disruptions, uncertain demand, and rising costs as key hurdles that marketers face.

The Digital Growth Marketing Playbook offers insights into marketers’ outlook on growth marketing and presents strategic steps for brands to adopt it successfully. The playbook features customized approaches across brands, recognizing the distinct challenges and opportunities each business cohort faces.

The playbook also looks at the digital advertising industry’s shift from customer engagement to customer experience, expanding the marketing funnel to include both conversion and retention and why brands need to explore metrics beyond Return On Advertising Spends (ROAS), highlighting the significance of customer lifetime value, share of branded searches and new to brand customers.

The playbook identifies three primary levers for business growth:

  1. Acquire New Customers: Reaching new audiences to expand market segment share in a sustained way by managing short and long-term growth and leveraging key events

  2. Improve Share of Wallet: Offering new launches and driving growth through high-value-added customers experiences

  3. Increase Loyalty: Building strong brand loyalty and retaining customers is crucial for sustainable growth

These business growth levers translate into key growth marketing strategies that guide marketers on how to customize their approach, amend execution, and measure success.

Retail media channels are increasingly popular in growth marketing. 97% of marketers are fully aware of retail media, with 69% of them having used or currently using it for growth marketing initiatives. The playbook recommends the use of multiple retail media formats to help enhance reach and performance, including video ads and display ads in conjunction with native ad formats. It also encourages the use of an ‘always-on’ advertising strategy to boost brand visibility and increase brand search volumes.

Anshul Garg, Managing Partner & Head at Publicis Commerce India, said: “Growth marketing goes beyond a mere collection of brand awareness and general promotional marketing strategies. It signifies a shift in the approach to marketing and placing comprehensive growth at its core. Armed with Digital Growth Marketing Playbook’s strategic insights, marketers can fully harness the potential of growth marketing to elevate their businesses to unprecedented levels of success.”

Kapil Sharma, Director – Growth Customer Sales at Amazon Ads, said: “Growth marketing can help brands across all categories and price points to unlock additional opportunities with strategic and long-term focus towards marketing. The inaugural edition of the Digital Growth Marketing Playbook offers directional steps to brands in the marketing world, providing insights, strategies, and practical guidance to help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.”

Access the playbook here.

Source: Social Samosa

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