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52% Gen Z prefer staying in over going out on weekends: Havas Report

Havas BETC has unveiled the latest edition of its Prosumer Report, ‘Is the Party Over?’ discussing the shifts in culture regarding festivity around the world. The report explores the different ways people are celebrating across cultures and redefining the meaning of celebration to fit the evolving needs of partygoers around the world. 

Key findings from ‘Is the Party Over?’ highlight the changing landscape of celebrations across generations and in the years following the beginning of the coronavirus disease pandemic. 

  • 84% of Prosumers agree that a party can happen whenever and wherever.

  • 52% of Gen Z prefers staying home on a typical weekend night rather than going out.

  • 49% of Prosumers prefer to party with people like them because they feel safer.

  • 80% of Prosumers are willing to go to a party hosted by a brand, and 74% of Prosumers love when brands host parties because they have the means to make them unforgettable.

Authors of the study, BETC Global Chief Strategy Officers, Clément Boisseau and Sébastien Houdusse, explained the origins of the research conducted: “At first sight, questioning the role of partying in our lives appears frivolous. But we believe it’s the other way around: partying is a fundamental subject that puts into perspective our relationship to time, space, and to others. The dilution of parties we observe in the research is, for instance, the symptom of people afraid of the unknown and tired of living in a polarized society. People who withdraw in the safety of their homes and the comfort of relationships with their closest ones.” 

‘Is the Party Over?’ focuses on 6 main ideas throughout the report for brands to consider. 

  • A World of hypersensitivity: Festivity is no longer a rare moment but has extended to many moments of the day and year. 

  • Homo Comfortus: If the party is everywhere, and especially at the touch of a finger, Gen Z, the indoor generation, now often chooses to stay home. 

  • Control freak society: Our society has grown obsessed with control and is having difficulties letting go when partying; meaning fewer encounters, less flirting, fewer surprises, and less alcohol. 

  • The safe place, a new sanctuary: The ‘control freak society’ has led to a need to retreat at home, and only celebrate with people who are like us. 

  • New models of celebration: While they occur less frequently, celebrations are still reinventing themselves, making preparation a new highlight of the festivities. 

  • Brands and parties, a vituous synergy: Brands can enable people to be the best version of themselves at parties and are sought after for organizing memorable celebrations. 

“It doesn’t help to lament about the loss of the traditional party spirit,” added Boisseau and Houdusse. “Rather, we want our research to explain how people are looking to new forms of celebration to reignite excitement and enhancement in their lives. And guess what? Brands have a strong role to play in the imagination.” 

Access the full report here.

Source: Social Samosa

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