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Innovative and inspirational trends to dominate 2024: Creative Trends Report

Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) announced the 2024 Adobe Creative Trends Report which showcases the trending visual styles and themes that are set to scale in demand and make a creative impact throughout 2024. 

Consumers’ desire to experiment, play and reimagine how creativity comes to life is reflected throughout this year’s 2024 Creative Trends Report, bringing together 2D and 3D worlds and in the popularity of both fantastical AI-generated visuals and simple, beautiful images that create a sense of wonder. 

“As we head into a new year, the creative landscape mirrors our disruptive, rapidly changing world,” said Brenda Milis, Principal of Consumer and Creative Insights at Adobe. “This year’s creative trends are especially indicative of how both creators and consumers are craving visuals that inspire and reflect the endless possibilities of the imagination.”

Explore the four Adobe Creative Trends for 2024:

Calming Rhythms

With mental and emotional health now at a global priority, soothing and rhythmic visuals have a calming effect and are being used by a growing number of brands and companies in workplaces, retail spaces, outdoor installations, social platforms, and apps across all regions. Calming Rhythms visuals can vary from simple abstract and repetitive backgrounds to slowly shifting and moving forms, often accompanied by relaxing sounds and music. This trend is often associated with ASMR content, which features 912.6 billion views on TikTok with #asmr, and typically includes relaxing visuals paired with sonic elements, supporting the pursuit of finding relief and balance. 

Wonder and Joy

Consumers are responding to visuals that inspire a sense of awe, joy and enchantment as a coping mechanism in today’s challenging macroeconomic environment. Wonder and Joy spans all types of brand messaging and experiences – from simple pleasures including being a ‘kidult,’ to luxury travel and experiences and AI-generated imaginative environments. According to the 2022 Happiness Report, 80% of people said they are prioritizing health to make them happy, 79% are focusing on personal connections and 53% are interested in experiences to gain happiness. 

Dynamic Dimensions

Thanks to the multiverse and the continued rise of gaming, VR and AR, it has become common for multiple asset types and dimensions to inhabit a world in motion together. Dynamic Dimensions is inspired by elements that blend and create an impactful visual experience, with 2D and 3D elements merging together through video, music, and illustrations. According to the Adobe Creative Trends Report, in 2024, young people’s attitudes toward vulnerability will evolve, as they normalize emotional express and mental health issues both on and offline. 

The New Nostalgia

What began as a fascination with 90’s and aughts styles, design, and technology, has grown into a deep dive into all eras, re-envisioning and reinterpreting vintage lifestyles and settings with plenty of creative license throughout, particularly with AI-generated hyper-realistic renderings of past periods. The New Nostalgia trend mixes the consumer appreciation for vintage style with a contemporary interpretation and flair. With 50% of Gen Z in the US, UK, Canada and Australia wanting to disconnect from their phones, they are turning to choosing cost-friendly relics and hobbies of the past, including digital camera photography, that make them feel more connected and less detached from the real world. 

Find out more about the 2024 Adobe Creative Trends here. 


Source: Social Samosa

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