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Google unveils advanced AI tools to boost retailer ad creativity and performance

Google has launched a range of AI tools designed for merchants to help them market their brands and products. These new tools aim to enhance ad creativity and performance on a large scale using Google AI.

The tools for retailers include a new profile feature for e-commerce brands, generative AI capabilities for creating effective product images, and immersive ad formats. One of the key features is the ‘Brand info at a glance’ visual profile on Google Search, which provides richer results for shopping queries by highlighting information from the Google Merchant Centre and Google’s Shopping Graph. Matt Madrigal, VP and GM of merchant shopping, explained that this profile showcases a brand’s ethos and offerings.

Additionally, Google introduced features to help merchants create better on-brand content and bring shopping ads to life with generative AI. These enhancements in Google’s Product Studio application allow for the generation of new product images that match a brand’s style and the creation of videos from single photos. New ad formats powered by Google’s generative AI include short-form product videos connected to ads, Virtual Try-On for apparel ads, and interactive Shopping ads for shoes.

Vidhya Srinivasan, VP and GM of ads, highlighted new creative asset generation controls, ad experiences, and visual storytelling features. Advertisers can now share font and color guidelines in Performance Max, use image references to generate new asset variations, and edit images by adding objects, extending backgrounds, and cropping to fit various formats. 

Srinivasan also discussed new immersive ad experiences, such as Virtual Try-On and 3D ads, new formats to engage viewers, and tools to help advertisers use first-party data more effectively through Google Ads Data Manager. These innovations aim to improve ad performance and connect merchants with consumers.


Google’s AI tools enhance every stage of the advertising process, offering features like brand guidelines, image editing, Search and Shopping ads in AI Overviews, new ad experiences in Search, and new shopping ad formats such as virtual Try-On ads and 3D shoe ads. These tools provide new opportunities for merchants to market their products and connect with customers using generative AI.

Source: Social Samosa

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