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How Much Does a Digital Nomad Make?

There has been immense curiosity amongst youngsters regarding the purchasing capacity of a Digital Nomad and how much he/she earns?

The interest behind this is obviously the growing trend towards digital telecommunications and technology. The Digital world owes a big thanks to the covid era, for its success. This has greatly prompted interest among youth to become digital experts and gain considerable returns.

But, first thing first, let’s understand who is a Digital Nomad?

A Digital Nomad is someone who is not dependent upon the location and uses technology to perform his/her jobs, and live a nomadic lifestyle. Many digital nomads work from home, instead of being physically present at a company’s headquarters. They use social media, laptops, and mobile devices to work on connecting digitally via the internet facility.

Thus to say that a Digital Nomad could be anyone who uses the digital platform and pursues his passion online. It could be anyone ranging from a teacher, artist, mathematician, stockbroker, or IT consultant.

There is no cap on how much a Digital Nomad can earn. It completely depends upon the profiling and the nature of work, a digital nomad is into.

Online work generally pays around minimum wage whether you are working full-time or part-time as a digital nomad especially in the initial rounds. Professional digital nomads make a six-figure salary as well, but this cannot be expected at the beginning level.

Here, take a look at the Top 15 Digital Nomad Careers:

1. Website Designer/ Developer

With the people joining the digital arena every second, the need for the digital address has become a must, thus the role of website designers and developers is constantly booming. They are no less than an artist who completely defines the look and feel of a website for you.

Their job is to design, look after the layout, and implement various features of a website. In addition, they fix any bugs that make a website slow, unstable, or otherwise unusable. They are also responsible for maintaining the proper functionality of a website as well as building and testing it.

A web designer/developer can easily earn between Rs. 3L-4L  per annum.

2. SEO Expert

SEO Expert is a Search Engine Optimization Expert. An SEO expert helps a website to rank higher in this highly competitive world. The SEO specialist alters codes in a website’s architecture and tries to make sure the web page contains certain keywords that are widely searched. Additionally, they point out where the website is failing to attract the attention of the search engines.

SEO Experts can earn between Rs. 2.5L-4L per annum.

3. Social Media Manager

Taking care of a brand’s online presence is the responsibility of a social media marketer. Besides scheduling social media posts, they run contests on social media platforms and respond to comments, concerns, and queries on a brand’s social channels.

A social media manager can make an average of 5-6L per annum.

4. Affiliate Marketer

This is not a new role that was earlier only managed by professionals. Times have changed and every budding entrepreneur can become an affiliate marketer in no time.

An affiliate marketer sells other company’s or person’s products or services on his/her website and earns a commission on every sale they make. It is one of the best ways to earn money when you don’t want to invest a huge sum. Amazon and Flipkart are some of the biggest and easiest examples of affiliate marketing.

As a beginner, you can earn as much as up to – Rs. 5k to 20k per month.

5. Digital Entrepreneur

This is one of the easiest and rewarding careers for a digital nomad. These people are often business owners who have developed a website or online service that offers value to an online community.

Digital entrepreneurs do multiple things sometimes, as they manage, run, design the entire web structure or e-commerce platform for their business.

While a beginner can earn around Rs. 20k per month, a successful entrepreneur can earn Rs. 10-20L per annum.

6. Video Creators and Editors

Statista reports that data on global digital video viewership in 2021 revealed that over three billion people watched streaming or downloaded video at least once per month via any device.

A video is the most engaging form of grabbing attention, and all companies are it small or large need video creators. This means that the demand for video creators is mushrooming and this opens a plethora of job opportunities for all the newcomers who wish to make a mark in the field.

You can initially start your career with Rs. 25k and later on if you become a successful video creator you can earn millions as well.

7. Blogger

For those who love to communicate their vibe to the people, blogging is the calling for them. Bloggers generally make money with affiliate marketing, direct advertisements, and sponsored posts.

To become a blogger is easy, but to remain one is hard. It takes an immense amount of patience, hard work, and dedication to bring it all together.

In India, bloggers can start earning from Rs. 7k and professionals can make their way to 7L as well.

8. Writer

No company, industry, or even sector can survive without their writers. Writers are the soul of the brand they work for. They are needed everywhere, be it, creating content for a website, e-mailing, creating copy for social media posts, advertisement, audio script, video script, books, novels, blogs, reviews, etc.

The best part of being a writer is that the majority of the work can be completed being offline, so you do not need to remain worried about the internet connection for your work.

A skilled writer can earn Rs. 3.6L annually; as you gain more and more experience you can easily earn between Rs. 8L-9L per annum.

9. Programmer 

Being a programmer is one of the most common and sought-after career options in the technical world. As the companies are expanding and new ones are also emerging, the need for talented programmers who possess knowledge of languages such as JAVA, C++ will also grow with time.

A programmer can easily make Rs. 55,000-60,000 per month on average. This job can be performed independently and in an offline environment, which is a huge advantage.

10. Customer Support Representative

All the companies need a customer support representative who can tackle the issues of the company for them. People who love to help and aid people in tricky situations, this is the ideal job for you.

In order to help disgruntled customers, customer support has to branch outside the company’s walls and aid people in need.

In India, the salary of a customer service representative ranges between Rs. 1.1L and Rs. 4.9L.

11. Interpreter

The craze among youngsters in order to hone the skill in foreign languages will never die. Besides this, many multinational companies need interpreters for their business. Similarly, a lot of schools have now made the knowledge of a minimum of one foreign language compulsory in their curriculum.

Interpreters earn a handsome salary of around Rs. 6L-10L per annum.

12. Teacher

With the help of the internet, it is possible to teach any subject to people around the world.

By creating your own online class and selling it to people, you can showcase your unique skills. You can provide an e-book or slideshow explaining the subject, or you can use videos. Since you usually only have to create the content once, this is an excellent way to earn money.

Normally an online trainer will earn no less than Rs. 3.5L per annum.

13. Graphic Designers

You can easily become a graphic designer if you are interested in designing and creating new things.

Companies need designers to build the brand identity- logo, social media advertisement in order to boost sales. If you have a great design, you can submit your design to your dream company and if the design is worth it, they will surely invite you to work with them.

A graphic designer on average can earn between Rs. 40k-50k per month.

14. Stock Trading

This is one of the popular choices among youngsters these days as it is one of the quickest ways to make money. In order to become a successful stock trader, you need to have a general understanding of the stock market, follow daily trends, and develop a technical understanding of charts and predictions.

There is no fixed amount a stockbroker can make, as it is a highly risky profile, people can earn lakhs in a day and can also lose thousands on the same day.

15. Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who could be from any field and wants to work at their own pace, comfort, and time.

So you could become a freelancer in any of the career streams be it a programmer, SEO specialist, writer, teacher, stockbroker, artist, etc. You just need to establish yourself so that more and more people can get familiar with your skills and then start freelancing your way.

A freelancer can start with a minimum wage of Rs.100 to Rs. 1,000 per hour. The more experience you gain, the better-paying opportunities you get.

If you are interested and want to become a Digital Nomad yourself, receive all the relevant details and information here.

Source: Digital Ready

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