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How You Can Shift From Sales To Digital Marketing With Digital Ready’s Digital Marketing Course

As a sales executive, you must understand the power of words. But if you’re also someone who’s looking to expand beyond that and switch to marketing, and all that it entails, you’ve landed on the right page. For a successful switch from sales to digital marketing, join Digital Ready today.

To help you understand what we do better, we’ve put together this blog for you.

Why Switch from Sales to Digital Marketing?

There are a number of reasons to switch from sales to digital marketing. A few primary ones are:

1. More opportunities and better salary

Every business requires salespeople to convert the leads to sales. As a person who has been handling the sales operations, you very well know what it takes to market a product or service and generate interest. Companies use a wide variety of techniques to attract customers.

Further, since the digital landscape is always evolving, there are many things a company wants to do. Not only does digital marketing have far more job profiles and roles to explore, but it also offers pretty good salary packages. An average digital marketing manager can make upto Rs. 8-10 lakhs per annum in our country.

2. Enhance your existing skills

As a digital marketer, you’ll be actively upgrading your existing skills and even adding some exciting new ones to your repertoire. Not only will you get on your soft skills and understand sales better, but also absorb new skills such as designing, writing, analyzing, etc.

We strongly believe that everyone thinking about switching to the marketing field should go ahead as digital marketing career scope in the Indian internet industry alone is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025, according to reports.

3. Faster career growth

The career growth rate of a digital marketer is far more advanced than that of a sales executive. Since digital marketers are so much in demand these days (as the industry grows by a massive 10% each year), companies and businesses are going the extra mile to hire quality marketers.

This means that if you have the required skills and can prove them to your potential employers, there is no limit to what you can achieve in this field.

In fact, the ecommerce business, that rests solely on the shoulders of digital marketing, is speculated to become a Rs. 7 trillion industry by the year 2023.

How to Switch from Sales to Digital Marketing?

In order to make the switch, you can follow the tips given below and get started right away:

Learn Digital Marketing skills

There are a lot of resources from where you can learn the required digital marketing skills. Endless YouTube videos, blogs, online courses, and in-depth digital marketing training institutes are at your disposal.

Gain practical experience

Once you’ve been able to get a hang of how digital marketing works, you can then start practically applying it. To start with, blogging, social media marketing, providing SEO services, are some of the options.

Implement and showcase skills

Like we said in the earlier point, you can easily start showcasing your digital marketing skills and gradually build your portfolio.

Find the right opportunities to work and shift

Recognize the opportunities that will suit you and the kind of work you do best, and start applying for jobs. As you gain experience and start working actively as a digital marketer, the transition from sales to digital marketing will be complete.

How Can Digital Ready Help You with the Transition?

We have a lot of experience in this field and in our many years of teaching, have helped several sales professionals to transition successfully to digital marketing. How? By doing the following:

1. We will analyze your current abilities and see how you can leverage in the new job

Preliminary discussions and analysis of your skills will give us a better understanding of just how we can help you out. By understanding your existing abilities better, we structure our teaching habits in a way that will maximize your learnings.

2. We will train you on the required Digital Marketing skills

This is our field and we’ve been at this for over six years, right from around the time digital marketing slowly started getting noticed by everyone. We’ve seen it develop and reinvent constantly right in front of our eyes.

From SEO, website development, social media marketing, paid advertising, to affiliate marketing, and everything in between, we teach everything that falls under the online marketing umbrella.

3. We will continuously review your progress and offer you the feedback

Our continuous assessment methods are bound to help you since not only will you be practically approaching your concepts but also receive constructive feedback. Not only will you be learning from your mistakes, you’ll also be taught how to make the best of a not-so-great situation.

4. We will help you build a portfolio of your practical work

As you put your skills to work and start working on assignments, we’ll help you in gradually building your portfolio. Your best work will be showcased aesthetically and increase your chances of getting hired by several notches.

5. We will make you ready to face the interviews

We don’t just help you in acquiring and implementing the skills, we also help you in preparing for your interviews. Our HR department works in tandem with our trainers to help you understand what exactly will be expected of you as a digital marketer.

We begin interview prep right from the first week so that there is continuous progress and you are not bombarded with tons of prep sessions just a week before your interviews (which we line up).

6. We will align you to the interviews with relevant companies

Since we are your trainers and are assessing you from day one, we don’t just understand your skills but can easily make out which channel or channels of digital marketing your skills are best suited for.

We then proceed to align interviews with companies in the domain of your choosing and help you in getting a job there.

7. We will assist you till you get a satisfactory job

If you aren’t satisfied with the job you land up with or there are some other issues bothering you, we’re always there to help you out. In fact, we do our best to assist until you end up with a job that you’re satisfied with.

8. We will extend our support after the completion of the course

As is often said about the digital marketing field, it is quite dynamic. It is constantly evolving and this is the reason why, even after you’re done with your course, we continue to extend our support.

Be it conceptual clarity or job queries or anything else, we’re always happy to help our students.

9. We will keep on sharing better opportunities with you

If you so wish, we will keep letting you know as and when any new and exciting opportunities come in. We would never want you to suffer because of the lack of opportunities and this is why we provide this service.

At Digital Ready, skills and opportunities are given equal importance since neither can survive without the other.

Final Words

Even though a career in sales can be quite thrilling, there’s nothing like a career in marketing because without good marketing supporting sales, sales can’t truly succeed. Marketing forms the base for a successful career in sales.

But imagine being a part of something right from the start, right from the branding stage. That’s exactly what digital marketing offers you and what we can help you achieve.

Source: Digital Ready

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